Rainy Day Fun

TeruTeru Bozu or Furi Furi Bozu… It seemed like today’s winner was Furi Furi Bozu!

(Teru Bozu is a white doll which we made with tissue. Hung it near the window when we hope to have a sunny day and Furi Furi Bozu is a white doll with blue strips when we hope to have a rainy day).

We had a longer morning free play time today since it was raining outside and we could not go to the park. At the art table, we continued the cork art. Chiaki was there to help friends stick several tapes on the cork and painted colours over the tape. There were some wooden sticks and a plate with sand. Our friends held the wooden sticks and wrote or drew something on the sand. While they were playing with the sand, they realized that the sand went all over the plate and the table had a lot of sand. They found a broom and kindly cleaned the sand on the table.

Many friends were also busy playing at the kitchen area. They spent a lot of time cutting foods and drink for a breakfast party! Goh-san was invited for the breakfast party and animals toys were always fun to play. They made animal sounds for finding mummy and daddy together.

After the morning free play time, we gathered around at the carpet area. Two of our friends counted how many friends/ teacher are here today. Then, we counted 1-10 with English, Japanese, Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin) and Spanish by using our fingers.

After counting activity, Chiaki asked “How are you?” to a friend who sat next to her. She said, “Happy” Then, Chiaki asked the friend to ask another friend, “How are you?” They asked “How are you?” until everyone answered the question. Majority of friends said, “Happy” so, we sang “If you are happy” We also change “happy” to “sleepy”, “angry”, “sad” to see what kind of gestures we can do in order to express our feeings. We yawned when we were sleepy, stomped our feet for angry and crying for sad. Next, Chiaki asked “What can you see?” by showing several pictures. Our friends looked at the pictures carefully and they figured out there are lot of fishes at the sky. She explained that these are special fishes called, “Koinobori (carp streamers decorations)” which Japanese display them either inside or outside of house to celebrate Children’s day on May 5th. Since Nanako and friends made baby Koinobori, today, we decided to make mummy/daddy Koinobori together during the circle time. We could choose either red or yellow paints and put the colour on the Koinobori with fruit nets. All the friends helped make the Koinobori colourful and we cannot wait to hang the mummy/daddy Koinobori next to the baby Koinobori.

When we finished our morning snack time, we had a story time. Today, we read two books today. One book was a Japanese book called “Yoru Kuma (Night Bear) which Riku brought for World Book day. The other book was “Here we Are” by Oliver Jefferson. The book talks about how the Earth works and make sure we take care each other no matter different shapes, sizes, and colours. Also, animals are big part of our society even though they cannot talk like us. Then, our friends came up some questions. How about ants? How about spiders? They have a mouth, but they do not talk. So how do they communicate with each other?? Nimo and Tamara explained that the ants communicated with each other by using their antennae and the spider use vibration so that they can communicate. Before lunch time, Nimo brought his Ukulele and we had some dance time and sang our favourite songs, such as “I love you mummy”, “Baa Baa Black Sheep” and “Alphabet song”

Have a wonderful day!