Our flower song


Good morning everybody! A gorgeous morning outside! Thankfully, Mr. Sun showed up today and we’re excited to see our friends and teachers again at school. After doing our morning jobs, we went straight to our carpet area and found some dinosaur and animal figurines. We noticed that some of the figurines needed extra care because some of them had patches of glue. Our teachers explained to us that these toys needed to be mended because they had some “ouchies” when we played with them. We were reminded that we have to use our gentle hands all the time. By doing so, we’ll be able to look after them and not get hurt in class. Somehow, our friends need to hear this kind of explanation for them to relate more with what they do every day.

On our table, Chiaki kindly helped us to make egg cookies. Easter is coming and we have provided some activities that we could also do for this week. She helped us to make the dough and flatten it with a rolling pin. We also made a hole on the upper part of the dough before baking them. The other table was filled with matching circles. It was quite easy for us to do because we already knew which ones match the others. It was still fun doing it in the classroom.

After our play time, we sat in the library and had a little story time with John. Our favorite book, “The selfish crocodile” is always what we loved to hear and it also gave us more understanding about helping others who are in need.

Today, our Monday is also Miyashita-Monday gym class. We thought that Miyashita-sensei came to our class because he was also wearing the same uniform. However, we looked at the person and it wasn’t him. He introduced himself as Sato-sensei and he explained that Miyashita-sensei had to go for a workshop this week .

First, we were so puzzled/confused of what we could do with him. In the end, it was pretty much the same that Miyashita-sensei was doing before. We did some stretching here and there. We also shook our bodies from side-to-side. The warm-up exercises were quite fun because Sato-sensei made us laugh during the session.

His list of activities were quite new to us so first, he made a starting line on one side of the room. Then, he asked us to run towards him every time we can hear the whistle. He also told us that we had to give him a high five before we could go back to our place. Activity number two was about doing somersault. We had to make a long line and wait for our turn to roll over the green mat, we had a chance of taking turns. Being patient is also a skill that we learn at Ohana all the time. Thank you so much for the time and we really appreciate your patience and support for all of us.

After our gym class, we had our little circle time. Our friend R shared his experience with Baby Bud. He told us that he slept , played and went to the park with our Baby Bud. It was a short but lovely explanation about what they did together. Also, he added that they ate pizza together. We also talked about flowers and read a book with a title, “Grow flower, grow!” Our teachers asked us what do flowers need to grow. We answered, “sugar, cups, tomatoes and lots of things”. After reading the book we’ve realized that the flowers absolutely need water, sun and air to grow more. So we sang our very own song that we created today…

One little flower, two little flowers

Three little flowers, four little flowers

Five little flowers…

This is a tiny seed, we sprinkle some water

It grows and grows and grows

This is a tiny seed, the sun shines down on it.

It grows and grows and grows.

It was a very short song but we liked it. After our snack time, we went to the park since it was a sunny weather outside and we noticed that the trees don’t have any sakura flowers anymore. We spent a good amount of time running and exploring the park. Thank you so much and have a great day!

Lots of love,

All the sweet children from Buds class