Wednesday 17th April 2019

Our music lesson this morning with John included some new songs. One was about flowers.

“1 little flower, 2 little flowers, 3 little flowers, 4 little flowers and 5 little flowers x 2

There’s a tiny seed we sprinkle some water, it grows and grows and grows

There’s tiny seed the sun shines down on it, it grow and grow and grows”.

We did a lot of breathing exercises before we started singing and the first song that we al-ways sing is our good morning song. At the very end we sang “Goodbye my friends”. We felt that our music lesson was shorter than usual and the reason for this was that John told us that he needed to go outside to the park a little earlier than usual, with Buds Class children.


We focused on Free Play at the tables today and then later, during the morning, we played with Lego. At the table, there was a game called “Figure it”. It has six boards with pictures of the cars from Lightning McQueen. The cars are inside two circles. One circle is on the out-side, one circle is on the inside and the car is on the inside circle. There are lots of discs, which you use to cover the cars. There are three large dice as well. It is similar to a Bingo game. You can see from the photos what the game looks like. Some of us sat for the entire morning playing the game. It took a long time for all of us to complete our cards. We taught Shelley the names of all the cars. We hope that she will remember them all now!


We love the hammering game and it is a great game for developing our fine motor skills, eye hand co-ordination, sorting skills, shape recognition, physical strength, social skills, sharing and many more other important aspects to our development. We always tell our teachers what we have made and today Temma made a crab, Taisei made a house, Natan made a boat etc.

Drawing is fun for all of us and we are always more motivated to work at the drawing table, when one of our teachers sits with us. Today, the materials that were included in our drawing were paper, lead pencils, coloured pencils, stencils, sparkly pens and a ruler and erasers. When we sit and draw during free play time, we like to take our pictures home with us. We roll them up and place them inside our bags.

Writing the Menu for our Mother’s Day breakfast. Today we continued working on our Menu and Kai guided us as we chose the letters that we thought reflected the sounds of letters in the things we chose to serve. We wrote everything that we selected for our Mother’s Day Menu and will add the Drinks Menu tomorrow. Today was just the Food Menu items.

Liezel continued sewing some of our Mother’s Day gifts and also pasting the many photos that we printed for International Months. We have so many photos from our International Months experience which was filled with special moments, learning together with our parents and teachers, and tasting interesting foods from around the world.

Our teachers are also just about to start working on the gifts that they are making for us for the end of the year. Hmmmm…...we wonder what they are going to be! They always make something special for us.


We had two discussion times today. The first one was about how best to co-operate in the classroom especially when our teachers are doing specific lessons with us. For example, to-day, when John came to do music, some of us were not listening carefully or looking carefully at his instructions and actions. So we spoke about how best to know what our teachers are asking us to do, in their lessons. We first thought that maybe if you just look at them and watch what they are doing, this is enough. But not all of us agreed with this. Then we thought that perhaps if you just listen to what they are saying, this will be good enough. But this too was not okay. So our teachers suggested that perhaps we can do both; look and listen. We thought that this was a great idea. We made up a chant and did actions with our hands and it went like this….

”Look and listen, look and listen, look and listen, look and listen;

See and hear, see and hear, see and hear, see and hear”.

We always learn when our teachers sing to us, rather than constantly give us instructions. We know that when we get older, teachers will give us instructions more through talking but now when we are in preschool, this is a fun way for us to learn how to follow through on things.

The second discussion was about our end of the year party and what we wanted to showcase to our parents. We made a list of songs which we will sing and then we will present some-thing else that we feel has been important for us to learn about.


Alona presented her TEACH ME NOW today. She brought along somethings and showed us each thing and what it is for. She told us that a table is for drawing on. You can put the potion on the table too and you can use the potion to turn something into a frog. There was a pot to put the potion into. The pot is a fairy pot. The easel was going to turn into a frog. Kai asked: “How do you turn something into a frog?” Alona replied: “You first make the potion, then you make the magic and then the easel makes it turn into a frog”.

We are looking forward to everyone in our class presenting their TEACH ME NOW rather than

Show and Tell. We are no longer doing Show and Tell but Teach Me Now, which is an oppor-tunity for us to teach our friends how to do something, how to make something, how some-thing works etc. It is not a time just to present something. We would like our parents to re-member this, when we select the materials together, so that what we bring to school is appropriate for TEACH ME NOW.


During the morning we spoke in small groups about WORLD BOOK DAY and what it means for us. At one of the lunch tables, we spoke to our teachers and told her that we know what book we’re bringing to school on Monday. We kept the title of the book a secret!


It was a little cooler than yesterday and we noticed that our Garden in the Park was a little dry, so we watered the flowers and plants. All Flowers Class children were there so we could play together.

Thank you for another lovely day in Flowers Class. We hope that the weather will stay cloudy and not start to rain even though we know that Shelley loves it when it rains and the flowers get fed!

XOXOXOXOXO Flowers class children