When We Grow Up...


April 12th, 2019


Morning Free Play


We made an elaborate picnic with the kitchen toys, build 3D objects with colored blocks, drew pictures and built an occupation puzzle (Which we used later). We didn’t have much time for free play today because we had a surprise birthday party.



We had a surprise birthday party for Tamara. She was called to the office so all the classes could sneak into Buds Class. Tamara thought she was in trouble but little did she realize we were all downstairs waiting for her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We all sang when she came in and she was truly surprised! But she didn’t look like a birthday girl yet. We gave her a special hairband that said happy birthday on it. Then all the classes gave her their custom birthday cards that they made. After that Hisami brought out the cake and we sang Happy Birthday to her in English, Japanese and of course we need to sing in Chinese. Before leaving, we gave Tamara big hugs. Hope you have a wonderful birthday yesterday!

Circle Time

Our circle time today was about occupation. We looked at it and Kai asked us, “What would you like to do when you grow up?” We went all the way from A for astronaut to Z for zookeeper. We had some interesting ideas, comments and thoughts about some jobs when we came to them.


Builder– Tem said, “My grandpa is a builder.”

Electrician– Or said, “I know electrician. It’s someone who came over to my house and fixed our light.”

We didn’t know what a jockey was so Kai told us they race horses.

Nurse– Mo said, “They give shots.”

Police officer– Li and A think they catch bad people, Et thinks they put bad people in jail, and Na thinks they help people when somebody is not using the crosswalk.

Queen– Mo thinks a queens job is to be in the castle and clean the house, while Al thinks her job is to tell others people what to do in the castle. Em agreed with Al that she tells people what to do but she doesn’t live in a house she has to live in a castle.

Teacher– A said a teacher teaches somebody and William thinks a teachers job is to clean the room. Sa said, “If you don’t know the words a teacher will teach you.”

Umpire– Et thinks an umpire plays ball. Na explained they, “Look at the people and he had something like a whistle he put it in his mouth and blow the whistle to start the game. Tai thinks it had something to do with baseball. We’re getting closer to the solution. Sarah think an umpire catches the ball. We were so close! Kai explained to us that an umpire judges whether a ball is good or bad and if a person is in or out.

Zookeeper– Mo think a zookeeper keeps the animals in the cage and A said, “They give food to the animals.”

After we discussed the different occupations, we wondered what our parents do.

Mo- “My parents take care of kids.”

Emilie- “My mummy stays at home and buys food. My daddy goes to work.”

Te– “My grandma makes medicine and Grandpa is a builder.” He didn’t know what mom and dad does but said, “Sometimes mom goes to take Hio to the doctor.”

Al- “Daddy stays at home and mommy goes to work, after work she buys food.”

Sa- “My daddy is a doctor.”

It’s fun to think about what our parents do. We can only describe what we see but now it was our turn to think about what we want to be went we grow up. We broke up into three group with Hisami, Liezel and Kai. They told us what they wanted to be when they were little and we shared what we wanted to be but we’re not going to tell you the answers now, it’ll have to be a surprise…


Park Time

We had all the Ohana friends from Buds and Petals at the park today. We played here comes the boulder, hung out, played on the slides and blew dandelions. Oh what fun!

Story Time

 After the park Kai read us a silly book about all the things that children think they want to do when they grow up. Like eat sweets all day and watch T.V. but in reality that’s just our imagination, we can’t do all those things. The book was called When I Grow Up. We think we want to grow up faster but maybe it’s better to just be kids. That concludes another wonderful day is Flowers Class. Hope you had a great day as well!



Flowers Class Children