Show and Tell and Life cycle of sea turtle


As  we learnt about how we become big boys and girls last week, today, we learnt about how sea

turtles become big. It was quite interesting! We felt like we wanted to know more about it!

  Good morning Petals! As soon as we finished our morning jobs, we were ready for free-play time. Our free play is always about creating something special.

 At the carpet area, we created a house and tracks with the lego blocks. Some of us imagined if real dinosaurs were in the petals! They pretended that the dinosaurs were eating, playing, and chasing each other. At the kitchen area, little mums were working very hard. The little mums asked their children, “Here you go, you need eat this, OK?” So, when our teachers tell us, five more minute to pack away, we felt like...huh, it’s already pack away time?!?

 After we packed up, we greeted each other once again. Sayaka was feeling better and she said that she missed us yesterday. As today was Thursday, it was Maryna’s dance class. While we waited Sayaka picked Y’s book: Don’t Push this bottom(ぜったいに おしちゃダメ?)By Bill cotter 作 ビル・コッター

Larry is a funny purple monster. He stands alone on the page, next to a single red button across the gutter. He kept telling us, “DON’T PUSH THIS  BOTTON!” He comes in closer and growls, “Seriously. Don’t even THINK about it.” But then he whispers …”No one is looking. You should give the button one little push.” With the turning of the page, Larry has turned yellow! Oh NO!  He gave us directions,...and poor Larry gains spots and then multiplies into many other monsters. Again, we pushed it and there were a lots of him. He couldn't handle with it. In the book, he was telling us how we can help him to become nomal purple Larry.

It was a very interesting book and we all loved it. Sayaka had some food for thought, why is it when we hear, “DO NOT do it…” it makes us want to do it?! Something to think about...

Oh Maryna is here! We started our fun dance class with her. We enjoyed the dances; Five Little Monkey and the scissors dance. We jumped and stretched our arms, hands, and legs. Thank you very much Maryna for today! As soon as we finished, we had our morning snacks.

We started our circle time with Y’s Show and Tell. Yuiko showed us her favorite page. Then we took turns asking questions...

Sayaka: Why is this your favorite page?

Y: Because it’s so funny!

R: Why the monster push the button?

Y: He didn’t. We pushed and  helped him push the button

Sayaka: Yes, and he got the spotty yellow color.

R: Why is the last page we see the monster is bigger?

Y: Because the last one is the biggest one

R: Maybe he is daddy already

Y: I think so, too!

E: Why the monster pushed the button?

Y: He didn’t push the button

L: Why this happen to him? (Pointing to the spotty yellow color)

Y: When you push one time, the yellow color appeared. You pushed second time, the spots appeared.

Sayaka: Who gave this book to you?

Y: Umm... I don’t know

Pauline: Why is this your favorite book? Why is this your number 1 book?

Y: I like it because it’s funny!


Thank you so much Y for sharing and talking about your favorite and FUNNY book with us.

Afterwards, Sayaka talked about one a movie she saw. The movie is based on true story and it taught her the life cycle of creatures. It gave her a wonderful idea  for a lesson and she would like to share it with us. Today learnt about sea turtle’s life cycle. Sayaka explained:

“When mama turtles are ready to lay eggs, they coming to the beach, make a big hole as nest, and lay eggs. After that mummy turtles go back to the ocean. The eggs stay a while in the nest. As soon as baby turtles hatch, they come out of the nest. They crawl and swim towards to the ocean.”

 We were very surprised that the baby turtles complete their tasks independently. They don’t need their mum’s help. Sayaka also showed us some photos... One of the photos was the baby turtle hatching and it was so cute! She also mentioned that some babies can’t reach the ocean because of trash on the beach. When the baby turtle gets stuck, they can’t remove it by themselves. We were very sad to hear that.

We believe, what we are doing every Friday :No plastic day, helps a lot of turtles! Then she asked us what we felt about what we heard...

 R: The baby turtle is going to die (Picture of baby turtle stuck in a net)

R: Maybe the baby turtle will be stuck in the garbage

S: Baby turtle coming from the egg

L: Why the turtle in the ocean?

R: Because they are not-umm- they can’t be in the house because they don’t have feet. They need to be in the ocean to swim. So their house is the water.

R: Their back is their home

Pam: Oh! The shell

R: Yes, the shell.

L: Animals or someone can ride the turtle back.

M: How can they sweep at home if they don’t have broom?

Pauline: What do you think? Do they need a broom?

M: Hmm... maybe the waves

After our nice conversation, we pretended to be sea turtles. It was very funny! At the end, she asked us what we would like to learn next. We voted and decided to learn about “Lion’s life cycle” for next week. 

Next we felt very hungry, so we had lunch time.

Thank you for a fantastic day!

Tomorrow will be NO Plastic day

Have a wonderful evening and see you tomorrow. Love Petals