Dots, dots and dots


What a cold rain day!

We started to our day with a lot of raindrops, yet Buds friends were so excited to be at the classroom and play together with friends and teachers.

At the art table, there were different kinds of primary colored water with eyedroppers and coffee filter papers. John sat there and called our friend's name one by one to make the coffee filter paper colourful. It was a little challenging to use the eyedroppers by pinching it so that the water comes out of it. Yet, John kindly helped us to use the eyedroppers and the coffee filter papers turned into something colourful like flowers which we could see at the park nowadays.

There were connecting disks at the other table. Our friends spent a long time to explore the connecting disks to see what we could make. Our friends made fire truck, circle, and a crown and this we shared with our teachers. Also, one of our friends helped our teacher to take photos of friends who were at the table. The friend took beautiful pictures which we can see from this journal.

The wooden trains were at the carpet area and we pretended that we drove the trains faster as we could, especially, our favourite train, Shinkansen! Also, we helped each other to connect the train rails and made a big loop train track.

After the free morning play, we cleaned up the all the toys and gathered at the carpet area for the circle time. We started our circle time by singing good morning song and greet each other. Then, we did attendance to check who is here and not here today. When we finished attendance, one of the friends checked the today’s weather. The friend walked closer to the window and taught us that today is a rainy day. We could hear and see the raindrops and we started to talk what kind of raindrops would we like to have. Many Buds friends would like to have chocolate raindrops, blue pancake, cookie and ice cream raindrops because those were tasty and could make our tummy happy. We sang “If all the raindrops” together, yet this time, instead of singing lemon and gum drops, we sang those sweets which our friends answered.

Next, Chiaki showed a white folded felt paper and asked what it is. We used full of our imagination to guess the answer. We thought the white folded felt paper is lion, cat, rabbit and dog. Chiaki slowly unfolded it and it was a dog! Nice guess, everyone!!! Chiaki said the dog wants to have more colour on his/her body. One of the friends said, “Let’s put dots!” We all agreed that it was a fabulous idea, so that Chiaki brought some dots with various colours and stuck those dots onto the dog. After putting all the dots, we reviewed the name of colours, such as red, pink, blue, green and light green, and then, we counted how many dots we put on the dog. During story time, we read a book called, “Press here? by Herve Tullet and had our snacks.

Since we could not go to the park, we decided to have a free play time with wooden blocks and large Legos. We also had some exercises before lunch.

Stay Warm!

We are little buds dot artist.