Head, shoulders, knees and toes


Look at me! I can see my eyes, nose, mouth, ears, head, shoulders, knees and toes.  We can wiggle our toes, touch our hands, see with our eyes, smell with our nose, listen with our ears and there’s a lot more that we could do with our bodies. It was definitely a busy day in our class. We always have something to do and our busy little hands always find toys or art activities that we could play with.

On our tables, we continued working on our first drawing that we’ll be putting on our portfolio. The paper mache activity was on the other table. We loved dipping our hands in mushy paper with water and some of us were a bit hesitant in doing it. Eventually, we gave in and couldn’t stop playing with it. Blocks, Lego trains and some toy animals were on the floor and we got really creative in making our own special animal place. We also stayed in the library and look at the books we got from the shelf.

During our circle time, we sang our good morning song and learned our names. Our new friends were still trying to get more familiar with our song and names of all our friends. We’ve got sixteen children and we know that it was a lot to learn. We also need to develop more confidence to be able to say our names out loud. After that, we sang “Head, shoulders, knees and toes” and we also counted our eyes and ears. We’ve got two ears and two eyes. John also read a book with a title, “I don’t care said the bear”. This bear is not afraid of any kind of animal but the mouse. So, he ran off as fast as he could to avoid the mouse going after him. We were all listening intently and we copied the bear when he was running off. We moved and stomped our feet as heavy and quickly as we could.

We are also learning our snack time song and it’s really nice to see how slowly we begin to sing altogether. It was such a hearty meal and we all like to eat our snacks. Snack time and lunch time are the quiet moments in our class. We all want to munch, munch, munch! There were tunnels and plastic balls we played on our carpet area. We went in and out of the tunnel, threw the balls here and there. Of course, this is so much fun for all of us and at the same time we were learning about our big movement skills. We used our hands and feet to practice crawling, throwing and catching.

Before lunch, we learned about some colors again. We matched the colorful blocks accordingly. For example, we matched red to red, green  to green and yellow to yellow and so on. We also had our naptime and all of us  slept soundly. Could you just imagine fifteen children sleeping on the first full day of school? It was quite amazing. When we woke up, we changed our nappies and put our outdoor shoes and waited for mommy  or  daddy to pick us up.

Thank you so much for another beautiful day and see you again tomorrow.

Lots of love,

All the tunnel crawlers from Buds class 2018-2019