Picnic time!


August 30th, 2018
It was another hot summer day. We decided to go to the park early in the morn-ing, and have a picnic snack in the park! The park was empty when we arrived, so we enjoyed lots of space all by ourselves. After a while, our Petals friends came to the park and we played together. It was a good chance to meet our old friends and new friends outside. Our bodies were thirsty and hungry after lots of play-ing We had a fun picnic snack time in the green area after singing our new snack time song. Our new snack time song goes like this with our favorite shark song tune;
We eat snack doo doo doo doo doo x3
No more plastic doo doo doo doo x3
Save our earth doo doo doo doo x3
It sounds funny to sing this song because we know this is originally a shark song, not a snack/lunch song. We can practice every snack and lunch time in Flowers, and soon we’ll know all of the words.
After snack time, we had story time in the park. Today’s story was “WE ARE ALL ALIKE… WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT” We are all alike. We are all people. We are all different. We do not look the same. We have different color eyes, different color hair, curly hair, straight hair, etc.
T; We are all people, but different.
A; My hair is chocolate color.
W; My skin is white. My hair is curly, but you can’t see because I am wear-ing a hat.
G; My skin is skin color.
M; My eyes are black. We can look at our eyes at the mirror.
Also, we talked about our families. Some of us have brothers. Some of us have sisters. Some of us have none. Some of us look like our moms and dads. Ohana school can be our family, too. We all have different families, but we are still alike. It was an interesting book to think about ourselves and other people around us. We can talk more about who we are later.
After a very active park time, we had a cool down time on the carpet. Our body needed to have a good rest after a sweaty time in the park and before circle time.
We started to do our calendar today. The day of the week, month, date and the weather. It took time to find out the day of the week today. We need to practice everyday. One new friend requested to sing our hello song. He is very new in our school, and this song helps him to remember his friends names. We were all happy to sing our names with beautiful singing voices in the circle. Even another new friend sang his name in English!
We had a class room tour to make sure that we remember what we should do in the morning. What do we need to do when we come to school?
T; Say “hello” and open the bag and do your job.
G: Put drink bottle in the trolley.
M; Lunch goes in a big basket. Snack in the middle and backpack away. (He demonstrated how to do it for us.)
L; Choose the job. (And she showed how to do it on the job chart.)
T; Writing your name at the table.
Good memory, everyone! How about after that? What can we do all after our jobs? We walked around the classroom and we checked what we have to play with. There are blocks, Lego, dress ups, kitchen toys, soft toys, papers, scissors,
glue, markers, colored pencils and more. So many things we can choose. Our teacher sencourage us to choose what we want without any help. Now we know what we can access in the classroom. We are independent big boys and girls.
One more question was what we need to do after rest time.
W; We need to take our backpack and wait.
A; Roll the blamket.
One friend showed us how to roll the blanket and another showed us how to roll the yoga mat and put it away. Now everything is clear what to do in the morning and just before good bye time. Old flowers friends are good role models and good teachers for the new flowers friends.
Thank you for a lovely day. We are learning new things step by step and day by day!

Love all the children in Flowers Class.