Of Routines and Our "New Friend"


August 28th, 2018


Dear Mom and Dad,


          It was another short day. We made our placemats, then had snacks, then had circle time, then we went home. The End.

HAHA– just kidding! It was more of “Hooray for a great second day!” :)

Yes, we did finish our placemats today. Some of our friends were so into drawing and coloring, that they even asked if they can do some more, so Kiki gave them lots of scrap paper so they can do more drawings.

Some of our friends did some puzzles with Pauline on the other table. It was challenging, but we heard them cheer when they finally completed it. Good job!

We asked Sayaka is we could read a book with her. She read us Lio’s life book, and we liked looking at his baby pictures.

The carpet was pretty busy with our tactile path. We tried to walk around it, and we did our best to keep our balance. It was definitely challenging to do it together with our friends who can’t stop giggling whenever they lose their balance! Heehee!

We had our snacks after cleaning up. After that, it was book time with Kiki. She read “Rory the Dinosaur: Me and My Dad”. It’s such a cute and touching book about dads. We highly recommend it– it’s good for bedtime stories!

We saw Pauline setting up the trolleys and the baskets near the carpet. We gathered in a circle, and first, she took the names off our white board. She explained to us that we use the white board for our attendance; one side was for people who were in today, the other was for people who weren’t in class today. We did our best to identify our friends’ names, and the sounds they started with. We were doing pretty good, actually, not bad for our second day!

Then, Pauline talked about the things she set up. She had a backpack on, and she pretended to be a new student in our class. She asked us for help with her morning jobs. So, we assisted her in putting her water bottle on the trolley, the morning snacks under it, her lunch on the biggest basket, the cutlery in the small basket, and the afternoon snacks in the other small basket. Our “new friend” Pauline was quite happy with all our help! Our teachers were also happy that we know our morning jobs well.

We prepared to go back home, so we put on our outdoor shoes. Pauline read a book about “When You Bring a Mouse to School”. It was all about a mouse that wants to do all the things we do in school– especially eat snacks and lunch!

Then, it was going home time. Our second day was a blast. We bet it will be better tomorrow– it’s the start of our full day at school. So, how was your day?



All the sunny little bunnies in Petals Class