Wild Animal Picnic

Happy Friday friends and teachers! We had our rainboots and umbrellas and loving the rain this morning! Our teachers greeted us with a great big smile and we were in for another fun filled day at Ohana. We started off our morning with Lego and Lego cars. We made buses, taxis, trucks, and Helicopto-police cars. Legos are awesome because we can make anything our creative minds can brew up! Out on the tables we had hammer toys and abacuses to help with our motor skill development, as well as having fun at the same time.

Because of the weather outside we weren't able to go to the park yet again today. That’s okay, we will have plenty of fun inside the classroom! We had a little bit of extended free play time. After our free play time we packed away our toys and had Nimo read us a few books. We read, “Wombat Stew” and “Where the Wild Things Are”. We changed up the story just a little bit as we read the books. We named the characters in the book after our friends in Buds Class. L was the Wombat in “Wombat Stew” and we all sang, “L Stew, L Stew, yummy, chewy, gooey, brewy, L stew…” All of our friends appeared in all of the stories and it was fun to see ourselves as the characters in the book doing silly things! Once Nimo was done reading books it was time to wash our hands for snack time!

           We did a bit of singing and dancing and we decided to have a Rainbow Picnic in Buds class! John prepared for us a face painting set and we got to choose what animal we wanted to be for the wild picnic. If we didn’t want to we didn't have to so a few of us decided not to have our face painted. For those of us that did want face paint we waited patiently and waited for our turn to have John turn us in to animals! In Buds Class today we had H the Cat, A the Tiger, L the Crocodile, T the Butterfly, and K the Fox. Our friends were very good at waiting and standing still as John painted their faces in different colors. We were all surprised at how much our friends faces changed with the face paint! Our animal friends walk about the classroom roaring or snapping their giant jaws.

           After our Rainbow animal Picnic we had the sandbox opened for us to dunk our hands inside the sand. We just cant resist the feeling of sand run through our fingers. We used shovels to bury our friends hands which was a ton of fun! We still had a ton of energy so Chiaki spread out the tunnel on the carpet area and made a small obstacle course for us. The tunnel is so exciting and fun and all that crawling helps burn a lot of our energy that we had stored.

Our last activity for the day was a fun one! We got into a circle around a board with a lot of things glued to it. We got to pinch and pull on the objects on it to remove it from the board. We all went bananas and grabbed handfuls of tissue paper and yanked on it with all of our might. The smaller pieces needed a little more focus and fine motor skills which made things a little bit more difficult, but definitely nothing our Buds friends couldn’t handle. The board had a ton of things on it, but in a matter of a few minutes it was wiped clean. I wonder what our teachers have in mind for this board?

We are so glad the rain has stopped in the afternoon so going home is going to be easier. Hopefully next week will be less rainy so we can go to the pool or the park! Happy Friday everyone, have a fantastic weekend and we will see you all again next week!


The colorful animal children of Buds 2018