If You're Happy and You Know It.......


Dear Mom and Dad,

           It was raining cats and dogs when we arrived to school in the morning.; some of us were soaked when we came in! Guess that means no water play– maybe tomorrow, then?

        After doing our morning jobs, we saw that we had paint stuff on the big table. I wonder what we’ll be doing? We asked Pauline nicely if we can paint, and she said yes. But, before that, she played some happy– sounding ukulele music. I think that must have lifted our spirits dampened by the rain– we started thinking of happy thoughts like food, rainbows, and our favorite animals!

       On the other table, we had some puzzles, which we enjoyed figuring out how the pieces went together. On the carpet, we had some colored blocks. After cleaning up, we made a circle with Kiki and Pauline., who suggested if we can sing the “Hello” song, since it was her first day to be with us, the new Petals Class. We had our snacks after, and then it was gym class time.

     We did our usual warmup routine with Miyashita sensei, then we practiced doing the forward roll. We are really getting better at doing it, and we did our best to stand up nicely after. Then we played games with Miyashita sensei: our favorite “Banana” game, stoplight, and Okami– san. We also did the “sumo” game with him! It’s always fun playing with Miyashita sensei. We gave him a big hug when gym class was over; this will be our last class for this term. We’ll definitely see him again in September or October!

       We had our circle time, and we talked about our theme for this week. Last week, it was all about rainbows, so this week it will be about “If You’re Happy and You Know It”. Pauline took out her ukulele and we sang just that! Ben added that we can “play” and Jaime said we “read a book” when we’re happy. We also talked about what makes us happy; Pauline said going to the park makes her happy. “Mommy,” Shinji replied when we asked him what makes him happy. “Mommy, Daddy, and Eddie,” was Eddie’s answer. “When we go to ice cream!” Jaime happily said. “Mommy, Daddy, and brother makes me happy,” Magnus said. “ICE!” Sota said. Yes, ice cream makes a lot of people happy, too! “Ice cream!” was Yuiko’s immediate answer. “Mommy!” she added. “John– John!” was Benjamin’s response. “Banana,” Lio replied. Mommy, Daddy, and Yurika,” Erina said. “When I give Pauline a kiss!” Anne said. That’s so sweet!

      We then read a book called, “How About a Hug?” because we talked about hugs making us feel happy, too. It was about hugs that we give when we haven’t seen people in a long time, when someone has an ouchie, when we need to say sorry, when we’re starting the day, for saying hello to new babies, and to say good– bye to our friends. We also read that a kiss usually goes well with hugs, too!

     We saw that the blue skies were taking a peep, and Mr. Sun was coming out. Hopefully, he’ll say “Hi!” to us tomorrow, then we can all do our water play!


All the happy children in Petals Class.