Finding the Pot of Gold

Dear Mom and Dad,

         It was raining a bit when we got to school, which we excitedly mentioned to our teachers. We wondered if we can finally put to use our raincoats and rain boots.

On the big table, we sat with Kai and Hisami, who helped us create our names using thin strips of paper. It was really fun, and we put them on the rainbow we made with Kai.

On the small table, we saw Pauline cutting out something from a black piece of paper. “It looks like a pot of honey,” Y commented. It was indeed a pot, but then, Pauline started to paint it with gold glitter paint. Then she used Q– tips and made a rainbow with tiny dots. Looks like the rainbow is coming out of the pot! It looked interesting, so we did our rainbow and pot of gold with her. We wonder what this picture means?


We did the calendar after cleaning up. We are getting better at reading the words for the different days of the week, months of the year, and the weather. Speaking of weather, we had our weather reporters E and S take a peek out the window, and they reported back to us that it was raining and cloudy outside. Shelley came in and reported that it was windy, too.

We had our snacks, then sat down as we talked about the rainbow and pot of gold. She said that long ago, people believed that there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and that there was a leprechaun guarding it. So, she told us a story about a farm boy who chased after a pot of gold…..

Once upon a time, there lived a farm boy with his mommy and his best friend-

  “Lolly!” T interjected.

- named Lolly.They lived in a farm and owned a samll , simple house. They were happy together, but the

farm boy longed to be rich, so he can buy his mommy and Lolly a big house, and that they can all buy things that they want.

         One night, before Lolly and the farm boy went to sleep, Mommy was telling them a story about how long ago, people believed that there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This was very interesting for the farm boy. As it turns out, the next morning, it was raining. A rainbow came out when the rain stopped!

“Can you guess what happened next?” Pauline asked.

“Get a bigger house because he wants to buy it for mommy and Lolly...he wants to get the pot of gold.” G said.

“That’s right,” Pauline said,

The farm boy thought of getting the pot of gold. He searched high and low for the end of the rainbow. He went through the forest, through the ocean, through the mountains, until he found it– including the pot. He was about to take the treasure, when a leprechaun appeared and asked him why he was taking it. The farm boy apologized heartily, and the leprechaun saw his good heart, so he allowed the farm boy to take the treasure.

“The End.” Pauline said.

“Noooooooo….” we complained. She said we were right.

The farm boy bought a house for Lolly and his mommy. It was like a castle! They lived in it, and the farm boy started to have other friends who were rich, too. They bought all they want, and they had lots of parties. The farm boy was happy with his new friends.

“But how about the mommy?” T asked.

The farm boy soon forgot about their farm and didn’t want to spend time with Lolly and his mommy. All he wanted to do was spend time with his rich friends. Lolly and mommy were sad, so they moved back to the farm. When the farm boy spent all his money, his friends stopped spending time with him. He was left all alone, and he remembered his mommy and Lolly. He went back to the farm, and said sorry to them. Lolly and his mommy were happy to have him back, and they lived happily every after in the farm.

“The End,” Pauline finally said. 

“When they have lots of money, they have lots of snacks,” Ta commented. Pauline asked what they thought of the story.

“When we buy too many things then we don’t have money anymore,” A said.

“What’s more important, having a bit of money but you have your loved ones around you, or having lots of money but you’re all alone?” Pauline asked.

“A little bit,” L said. He was right. Money can’t buy all the happiness in the world, but being with people we love. We also need to be thankful for the things we have, because there are some people who aren’t quite as lucky.

Before we went to the park, we put on our raincoat– YAY! Right on time, because it started to rain. We checked the worm from yesterday– sadly, he didn’t make it. We saw some ants eating the worm already.


We also some cans littered on the park.

“Pauline, I saw some plastic boxes over there!” Momofuku said, and he pointed to where it was– near the slides! Oh no!

“We should do a pick– up drive,” Kai said. That sounds like a great idea. Remember our "Zero Plastic" day?

We had fun doing all our normal park routine– but under the rain! Kai splashed us with water, which made us squeal in glee.

Hope your Thursday was as fun as ours!


Flowers Class Children