Color Magic!

July 3
Ohana First Pool Day!
H ello, everyone! We were happy that Mr. Sun showed up today so that we can have pool time. While we were doing our morning jobs, our new friend entered the Buds Classroom. Her name is Una! Welcome to Ohana, Una! We are excited to play with you ;)
On the art table, Chiaki helped our friends to stick tissue papers on the blank paper. Different colours of tissue papers made our blank paper colourful and it was nice practic-ing how to hold and glue stick nicely and put the glue on the blank paper.
Before cleaning the toys, Teachers told us that we are going to have a pool day! We couldn't wait to get ready for the pool so that we packed the all the toys away very fast! Good job, friends!
The teachers helped changing clothes to swim suits and we went to the office. And guess what we found at the balcony?? We saw a pool!!!!
The pool was nice and cold that we spent a lot of time inside. We splashed the water each other, played with the toys and of course, we swam in the pool.
After snack time, Chiaki asked us to make a circle and she said that she is going to show some magic!
There were some clear cups, water and food colouring, such as blue, yellow and green. First ,she said she is going to add blue food colouring to the water.
Chiaki: What is going to happen to the water??
Olivia: I don’t know…
Leon: Blue go into the water.
John: I think it is going to turn into a frog.
Leon: Ya!
Henrik: Frog is going to eat the water!
Chiaki: Ok, let’s see what is going to happen!
Chiaki added the blue food colouring into the water and the colour of the water changed to Blue. Next, she added yellow food colouring into the water and the water changed into the orange. After that, Chiaki said, she is going to mix blue and yellow water. We were very curious what will happen to the water. We looked carefully the cups and we were surprised that water changed to green!!! We wonder how that hap-pened…? Magic!?
We are going to explore about the colours this week and we can learn about it more and more!
Have a wonderful day!!!
Wonder, wonder Buds Class