Colorful Day!


   Once upon a time, there was a Rabbit and he jumped. He was a master of the forest. He liked to eat Oranges with Yoko. And the Giraffe ate some Blue berries with a Bear. In the Very rainy forest. Can you guess what this story is about with the colorful hints?

  We made this story up because this week we’re talking about rainbows!! ROYGBIV are the colors and order of the rainbow. When found out that it’s going to be rainbow theme week. Temma was excited and wanted to sing the rainbow song that he knows. Shelley asked us, “Where does the rainbow come from?”

Mo: From the sky. Maybe rainbow goes on the rainbow house and goes outside.

A: Rainbow comes out when it rains.

Yu: When it’s rainy and sunny, rainbow comes out.

Kai: Where else can you see a rainbow?

Te: I can see it on the sea.. I just read a book at home.

Yu: I saw a shiny CD on the back.


  After the discussion Shelley showed a video book called The Great Blueness. The book is about a how a wizard discovered color in a black and white city. He also found out that each color has different effects on people’s emotions. When we movie was finished half of us  went to the light table with Kai and experiments with colors ourselves. The rest went with Hisami to made rainbows with a light and a CD.








  Today is Monday so that means… Miyashita Sensei! We started by having a group warm up then went into the exercises. Today’s goal was to do lots of froward rolls, jumping and balancing. We started with two handed forward rolls, then one hand and lastly no hands. 

   Our game for today is Darumasan Koronda. Miyashita sensei always tries to trick us by asking us questions when we’re suppose to stay still. He would ask us, “What’s on your shoe?”, “Did you eat breakfast?”, “Stand up tall!”


  When Miyashita sensei left we had out relaxing yoga session with Hisami. We did several poses and everybody made our own “rainbow” pose. The other friends went up to feed the garden with Kai. There was a large bucket of water in the garden and they took turns filling up the water containers and watering all our flowers and plants. It’s so hot now that the plants need a lot of water! We hope you’re keeping cool in this extreme heat. It was a nice day inside for us and we’re looking forward to some water play tomorrow!


Flowers Class Children