Seven, Eight I Just Ate


   Water play or park? This is the question when we came into class today. We chose to pick the park today because the weather is cooler than normal today. Tomorrow we can have our last pool day! When we were preparing for the park we all of a sudden heard BEEP BEEP BEEP!!! It was an alarm telling us there is an earthquake or fire! Kai and Liezel quickly pulled the chairs out so we can get under the tables.  After that we got out from under the table, covered our mouth and nose to walk downstairs. We were fast but some of our friends couldn’t help but to talk during the process. Good thing it was a drill. After we got back we talked about the drill.

Kai: What happened?

Yu: Earthquake and fire drill.

Kai: What do we do when there's an earthquake?

M: Hide under the table.

Kai: Do we need to walk so much?

Yu: No

W: If you just talk talk then you will go into the fire.

Kai: What do we do for the fire?

Yu: Cover our mouth.

L: Because the smoke comes into your mouth.

Yu: It’s not good for your body.

A: When we stay all the time out we have blood. (pointed to her nose.)

Kai: Are you talking about the fire?

A: (Shakes her head)

Sometimes, what we want to say that is completely different from what we’re talking about but that’s ok. 

Kai: What else can you do when there's a fire? Maybe at home or at school?

W: Tomorrow I go to my house and there’s a little fire in my house.

L: Maybe it’s a candle because candle’s are small fire.

Te: Some train top has fire on it.

Kai: What else can you do to protect yourself?

L: Call 119

Kai What if the door is closed and there’s a fire outside. How can you tell?

L: Feel the door, touch the doorknob.

  Kai proceeded to explain why it’s important to feel the door first before opening because if there is a fire on the other side it could create a back draft and the fire could blow even stronger into the room. We also talked about how to wet a towel or cloth to protect ourselves from the smoke and to crawl under the smoke.

  After park and snack time we gathered ourselves for circle time. Kai started off by telling us “Today we’re going to learn about rhymes. Rhymes are words that sounds the same.” He read Sam I am and asked us to listen to the words carefully to see if we can pick out the similar sounds. As he read the book he asked us questions about which words sounded the same and gave us clues on what sounds to listen to.

L: Sam and am.

Yu: Ham and am.

Ta: Fox and Box.

Te: Train and rain.


  We read five to seven pages in the book. Then we watched a video on how to tell if the words rhyme. We clicked our fingers together and said the words with the lady. “Fish-dish, fish-dish..., you put them together and it rhymes.” We followed along for some words and made our own rhyming words. We rhymed ball with stall and stone with bone. We were getting a little restless so Kai played a game with us. He sectioned the floor into three sections and wrote “Sam” for one section, “am” for another and “ham” for the last. We really had to use our listening ear for this because when he said a word we had to go into that section. It was hard at first but we got the hang of it after a few games. When we finished the game we split up into two groups to make our own poster based off of the song for this week. We all thought of the rhyming words together and added what we could do with them. In Liezel’s group A and L worked will together. A rhymed ten with pen...cil and L said draw with pen. In Kai’s group Yu, L and Te also worked well together coming up with the rhymes, sentences and writing the words. The results were amazing!

Liezel’s group

One, Two I see the sky blue.

Three, Four slip on the floor.

Five, Six banana mix.

Seven, Eight open the gate.


Nine, Ten draw with pen.


Kai’s group

One, Two strawberry shoot.

Three, Four clean the floor.

Five, Six pick up chicks.

Seven, Eight I just ate.

Nine, Ten write with a pen.


  We shared our amazing posters with each other after we completed and notices there were some similarities. Yu said, “Floor, Floor is the same. Writing and drawing is similar.” We also briefly discussed what else we can do with it tomorrow. We’ll have to see what actually happens…

  Wow that was a full day of run, fun and puns. We’re glad we were able to go run around in the park today but we’re looking forward to swimming as well. Hope you also had a awesome day!



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