Mr. Sun, sun Mr. golden sun,

please shine down on us!

As the morning started out being cooler and with signs of rain, we did not have pool today. We did sing the song MR. SUN to make sure we can go to the pool tomorrow, and it seems like he heard Petals wish!
Yesterday, there was a huge interest in drawing and colours, so today we set the tables for the children to draw. They spent quite some time drawing and colouring and were able to focus on the table for a long period of time. Children had so much to say while drawing. Some drew items around the classroom like shoes, table, and chairs. Whilst others drew patterns and design using all the colours of the rainbow. Once finished they shared their beautiful drawing with their teachers. We really appreciated the gestures and gave big hugs to our wonderful kind artists!
At the other table, we set up some wooden puzzles for the children to play with and the carpet area had “Build your City” blocks. Children worked together to build the city and brought out vehicles for the city. They pretended to drive around and stopped at supermarkets, friend’s houses and schools. They talked to each other pretending to be the cars, as their changed their voices for their character.

While playing with each other, suddenly Godzilla attacked the city! But wait, this little Godzilla is a cutie and very gentle with her stepping. Our little pretend “Godzilla” was a kind and sweet monster friend walking around the city visiting buildings and cars.

After our morning fun, we went straight into snack time, followed by free play time. Today we brought out tents again, but with tunnels too. We wanted to see what the children would come up with and see what new ideas they can bring to play time. To our surprise, children joined the tunnels with different parts of the tent, mimicking a bridge. Later on, the tunnel turned into a special hideaway for the children to escape from the “monster’s” attack. To make it feel more realistic, children also requested for the lights to be off, so it could feel like night time. Needless to say, they loved pretending to be little architects and storytellers today!
As the children were talking so much about monsters, Pauline decided to introduce the children to “The Gruffalo” by Julia Donaldson. The story is about a mouse that goes through the forest in search of food. During his journey, he meets characters and the Big Gruffalo. The story teaches children to be brave and smart no matter your size.

E: I want to be a mouse. It is cute!
A: I want to be Gruffalo. Because I want to eat the mouse.
R: I want to be the Gruffalo. It is a monster!
J: Jamie want Gruffalo...I want to eat a mouse too!
S: Gruffalo….Sota is Gruffalo, mama will be happy.
P: I want to be everything….mmm...I want be mouse. So cute!
V: I like mouse. (Shy smile).

Though we stayed indoors today, it didn't stop us from having fun! We hope we can go to the pool tomorrow and enjoy our last pool day!

Thank you Petal’s parents for always supporting us!
Have a lovely evening and see you all tomorrow.
Lots of love,
Monster Petal’s Class