The last day of Summer School!


Our New Beginning

The time has finally come… It is the last day of summer school… We love being at school and playing with our friends, but today is the last day we could do that until the next term starts. We’re not going to sweat the small stuff just yet, there much more important things to be doing right now, and that is finishing up our morning jobs so we can play! We had our favorite train toys out on the carpet area and our teachers actually made a large train rail for us to get started on. We were free to expand it, build around it, or if we wanted to change it entire we could take it apart and build anew. Along with the train toys our friends asked our teachers if we could play some bells. Our teachers got these bells with a wrist band on them. We could just nor-mally shake with the bells in our hands or we could put the bands on our wrists or legs and dance around the classroom as we shook our bodies! Because we were jingling our bells we sang the Jingle Bells song!
We had a short free play time today because our teachers asked us to pack away the toys so we can greet our special guest that was arriving today. Once we finished packing away we got into a circle and sang songs together and shortly after we had our guest knocking on our door. We had A’s grandfather K come in today to read us a special story! He brought a book called, “The snail and the Whale” by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. The book was about a tiny little snail that was interested in the outside world. He wrote a message on a rock that asked for a ride around the world. A day later a big humpback whale came to the snail and let him hop on his tail. And around the world they went. Towards the end of their trip the whale gets washed up on to the shore, the snail calls for help and all the people splash water on the whale until the tide came back to get the whale.
After we finished the book we sang, “Skidamarink” with D and gave him great big hugs. We said thank you and grandpa Kwent home and we continued on with our day. We talked about the book a little bit and we decided to act out the story. Our teachers laid down on the floor and were the humpback whales, and we were the tiny little snails. We hopped on the whale’s back and we went went out on a ride around the world! The whale asked us where we wanted to go so we went to, Hawaii, Bali, Sebu, Florida, and L's house. The whales got tired part way so the little snails ran to get their water bottles to splash our whales with water just like in the book! After a little while our whales were back up to full energy and we continued our trip around the world.
We were starting to get thirsty and hungry ourselves so we decided to go wash our hands and sit down for snack time. After we finished our snacks we got ready for our last water play for this year.
We wish we could do this every day, we don’t have to worry about
getting too hot. The water is so cool it feels very nice when we splash each other. When we got back into the classroom the whole floor was covered in lego blocks, there were more than enough block for everyone. Most of us worked together with our friends to build a big tower or a giant garbage truck. We were so focused with the lego we forgot about the time! Lunch time was right around the corner, but our teachers wanted to do circle time with us so we quickly packed away the lego and we made a circle. We all worked together to count our friends. John asked us what “Eleven” looks like. None of us knew, so John got a piece of scrap paper and wrote the number 11 on it. He asked for volunteers to practice writing the number 11. We all raised our hands and we all got to try it before we washed our hands again for lunch time.
Summer school and Ohana was just so much fun, we will miss school very much, but we get to come back in three weeks! Good bye to some of our friends for they are flying home over the summer. We hope to see you again someday!
Have a great summer!!!
Buds Summer School Class 2018