It's Fri- yay!


Dear Mom and Dad,


           Today it’s Fri– yay! ‘Twas another hot and sunny summer day, which can only be relieved by water play!

When we came into the school this morning, we had our Play Huts out, so we pretended to go camping again.

Puzzles were a big hit this morning. “Can I play with puzzles?” J asked. He did, and we saw him trying to complete the big puzzle on the floor. M, A, E, and L soon joined him and helped him. Yay, they were able to complete it! they looked so proud of themselves after that.

  On the table, R and J had fun playing with the finger puppets. S was walking around the room with a cell phone, pretending to talk to someone. E was going around the room, asking each of us to pose for him while he took a picture with his camera.

After cleaning up, we sang the days of the week song, and we figured out that today was Friday. We also figured out that 

we go to school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday; then we stay home on Saturday and Sunday.

          J2 helped us take the attendance for today– we had 12 children in today. Y and A were the weather reporters.

“It’s sunny!” A said.

“It’s hot!” Y added. It means that we can have water play, yay!

So we had our snacks, then prepared for water play. We had quite a big group today, so we were split into two groups of six. E had fun pretending to be a mermaid again, and she was splashing us with water using her “fins”. We begged Pauline “Rain! Rain, please!” and she used the watering can to make it “rain”. “Baby Shark, please!” R and E requested, and everyone sang along.

After changing into our clothes, we read a story with Pauline, “The Little Mouse and the Big Red Apple”. It was all about a little mouse who was so hungry. Luckily he found a big red apple, but ran into some problems while rolling it home. He encountered some friends  along the way, but the problem was, it looks like they want to eat his apple, too! So he hurriedly rolled his apple towards his home up the hill– but when he got to the top, the apple rolled back down the hill! He ran to get it back as fast as he can, but his friends reached the apple first and they already ate it, because they thought that the mouse sent it back for them to eat! The mouse could only heave a sigh, but he was happy, too, in the end, as he realized that sharing is so much better, as he had made his friends happy.

So that completes our “I Want to Eat, Eat” theme for the week– next week will be the last of our summer school, so we’ll definitely make the most of it!


All the generous children in Petals Class