Is it healthy or unhealthy?


 Hello, Mr. Sunshine. You are very strong and boiling hot on us. How can we survive with you these days? Our bodies are melting down, but we hope healthy food can make us strong enough against this heat.

Our morning circle was a big and long talk about healthy and unhealthy food from yesterday. We started to look at the food which we put in the unhealthy category . 

Teacher:   What does unhealthy mean?

T1:    It means boo boo.

Y1:          Boo Boo means bad for your body.

Y2:      We can’t eat because it is not good for your body.

T1       Unhealthy food is chewy.

T2:     Boo Boo means it is not good for anyone.

Then, we focused on one picture. “Curry and rice”. Is curry and rice unhealthy?

T1:    I like curry and rice because it is mixed.

Y1:   I think it is good because my mommy told me, but hamburger is good,                    

              Too. Because it has lettuce, hamburger, cheese, bread, too.

T2:   Meat is good. It’s protein.

M:     Ice cream is good, too because you can be bigger and bigger.

Y2:    If you eat ice cream so many times, your tummy will be bigger and


T1;    If you eat too much ice cream, you might get a tummy ache.

We decided to move curry and rice to healthy side and to keep ice cream in unhealthy

Next subject was “Ketchup”.

A:          If you put too many ketchup, it’s spicy. (unhealthy)

Y2:    Ketchup is good because we can eat little bit with potatoes.

Well, we were not sure where was the best spot for ketchup. We just left it where it was.

How about “Ramen”?

T2:  I think Ramen goes here (healthy) because it’s yummy and good.

K:         We can eat Ramen but not everyday every meal because it is too salty and there aren’t enough vegetables.

And if it can be healthy and unhealthy, there is the space between healthy circle and unhealthy circle.  If the food is not 100 percent unhealthy, but not eating everyday, we can put them in the middle. Ramen can be there.

One friend put “candy” in healthy yesterday. We doubted candy was healthy or not.

Y2:   It is not good for your body because you will get a cavity. And chocolate, too.

T2;   It’s a little treat for me. We can eat little bit so much.

Y2 mentioned cheese was in healthy side. 

Y2:      This is not good because it’s only cheese inside. We can half and eat.

There came so many thoughts from our friends. Sometimes we reviewed what we learnt yesterday like is this vegetable? Is this fruit? Is this protein? Or grain? Healthy plate could help us to judge what kind of food is healthy or unhealthy.  Our brains were very active to think about food. Our concentration was amazing to think deeply and to share the opinions with our friends.

After the long circle time, we jumped up with the sounds of the letters.

Hisami showed us two paper cups. One has two square holes, and other one has five square windows with pencil. We wondered what they could be... She wrote the letter in each windows, “a” “e” “i” “o” “u”. And she wrote two letters on the right and left side of the hole. P and T, B and G.  Then she put two cups together and slowly moved one cup... One letter came in the window. Three letter word showed up. pat, pet, pit, pot, put! bag, beg, big, bog, bug! We shouted out the sound of the letter, one at the time, “b” “a” “g”, then we put them together like “bag”. We decorated the cup with shiny stickers and stones. It is fun to see the letter changing and we practice how to read three letters words at home with our family.

Since the weather is crazy hot and humid, water play is necessary this week. Some of us were just kicking the water inside the pool to make big splash. And the other friends were having fun to get splash on our body. We don’t mind to get our face wet, and we can also put our face under the water. Our changing skill is getting better and better each day. Sometimes we made a mistake to wear our pants inside out or to wear our shirt back to front, but it is ok. We were so proud of ourselves to do our changing by ourselves. We are independent flowers children now!

It was another happy day in Flowers Class. What shall we do tomorrow? What shall we learn together? We are looking forward to seeing you all at school!




Flowers children