Buds Bakers


I t’s terrific Thursday! The heat will never stop us from having a super day! Our morning started out with yet again a ton of music! We had a live band going on playing our favorite tunes. Some of our friends got their instruments too and joined in to jam with the teachers. Out on the activity table we had mega blocks and with the toy cars and we made a city with the blocks for the cars to drive through. On the other table our teachers got out the people figurines curious to see what our friends would do. Each and every one of us played with the people figures differently. Some with their imagination and some recognizing the uniforms they were wearing and naming their jobs.
As summer school goes on we get more and more comfortable with our teachers which makes us feel comfortable in the classroom and around our friends. Now that we are nearing the end of summer school we’ve noticed that all of our friends are playing along side another friend. Not quite cooperative play yet, but we still find comfort in having a friend nearby playing.
Today was another fun day at the pool, but today we had a lot more splashing! Because we have so many more friends at the pool now we get so excited. When eve-ryone is splashing about we just forget about tying to stay dry and join in on the fun!
We had a special guest in the pool today! John John got changed into his swimming wear and he joined us in the pool! Since John is so tall he took a lot of space in the pool. We usually don’t get to splash our teachers too much, because John was in his swim wear we could splash him and a lot of that is what we did! John got us back for it, but we all had a great time getting wet. Some of our friends started splashing the water with their feet.
We had our teachers share us the water pitchers today, we had to be extra careful using them so we wouldn’t poke a hole in the pool. Another handful of us sat down in the garden with our teachers and played with the gravel and rocks.
We did some more cooking with Chef John today! John prepared for us, flour, baking soda, salt and a little bit of sugar. We were going to make pita bread! We poured the ingredients into a big bowl and we mix mix mixed them and made the dough. We took the dough out and put it down on the table and well worked together to kneed the dough until it was time to cook the bread. We put the bread into the frying pan and watched the dough get bigger and before we knew it the bread was ready! By the time we finished our cooking it was time for lunch so we all quickly washed our hands and headed to the table to sample the bread we made!
We are excited for fantastic Friday tomorrow!
Little Buds bakers of 2018