1, 2 Buckle my shoe

Happy Monday! We said, “Good morning!!!!!” with a big voice as soon as we saw friends and teachers. We enjoyed playing with Legos in this morning. Some of us balancing exercise with Kai, called “an airplane” it was quite tricky but so fun!


Circle time! This weeks song is…1, 2 Buckle my shoes. We have a new friend who name is Y. He came to Ohana last summer school too! We can’t believe that this week is going to be last week of summer school. We discussed about plans for summer vacation.

T: When I finish flowers school I will go to another school. I already have the baby room. (He added that he is excited to be a big brother!)

Y: After summer school I will go to hoikuen and after that I will go to Hawaii and stay 6days

W: My mama said baby will cry.

Kai: I will go to swim with dolphins in Miyakeshima.

M: I’ve seen dolphin and fish.

(After circle time, L told Sayaka, she already went to a beach last week)

Liezel: I will go to stay in Tokyo and might go to park with my family

Sayaka: I’m going to somewhere with my friend next week. I haven't decided yet. Oh wait...where is Hisami…?? Why she is not here today? Is she sick?

Y: She is in India!

Sayaka reviewed what we did last Friday. We did a fun testing activity (Please check journal from last Friday.) T said “I like the cotton candy because it was sweet! I like chocolate little bit, it  was not sweet”. M made a comment about olive, “I didn’t like it. It was something else”. Y said, “I can drink lemon juice!” We hope that we can do the activity again! Sayaka also introduced our song for this week and we like it!

♪This is the lyrics♪

One, two, buckle my shoes

Three, four, shut the door

Five, six, pick up sticks

Seven, eight lay them straight

Nine, ten, begin again

“Buckle” is one of our new vocabularies for today. Kai showed his a pair of sandals because it had buckles. He also showed his shoe and Sayaka asked us if we know how to tie shoelaces. It looked like a bit challenging to do it but we also would like to learn how to! The activity for today was making paper shoe. We trace our own shoe, cut it out, and paint it on it. We chose our shoe lace too!

With Kai, we did fun music and body movement activities. It was called “Dance with the rhythm” we stomped our feet, walked, clapped, jumped, bear crawled while singing the song. After that we played freeze dance game. We moved our bodies and also used our ears to listen to the song ! It was a nice warm up activity before water play. Thank you Kai for fun activity!

We enjoyed water play as always! We jump like frogs and swam like a mermaid. We had a lovely Monday and see you tomorrow.


Flowers Class