What if the wheels were not circle ?

29th June, 2018

Dear Parents,

 “1,2,3,4,5,6”, we counted the number of wheels on a big bus. Some of us were surprised that there were more than 4 wheels on a vehicle. We also learnt that some wheels are big, and some wheels are small. Buses and trucks have big wheels, whereas cars have smaller wheels in comparison.

Pooja had a selection of vehicles on a tray, that have wheels on them.

So – I see car

Er – bus

Ja (pointing to a wheel barrow) – that’s, I don’t know

Ed – Grandpa pig has that

Li – I see Airplane

Pooja – do you think airplane has wheels?

All – no, wings

Pooja – hmm, okay where are wheels on a car?


Mag - at the bottom

Pooja – if airplane had wheels, where do you think it would be? under it? let’s check!

We turned the toy airplane upside down to check if it has wheels and were surprised to see that it does. We wondered about the reason for wheels on an airplane. Then Pooja demonstrated that during taxi takeoff and landing the airplane uses the wheels to ride on land and when it takes off, then it closes the wheels.

Then we thought of vehicles that have only 2 wheels.

Er – bicycle, scooter

Other vehicles we thought of were motorcycle, roller skates, strider.

Ja (taking a close look at the wheels of a car)- circle

Thank goodness for circle wheels, what do you think would happen if the wheels were any other shape?

Our teachers laid out some books of different kinds of vehicles and a few cars for provocation. Some of us tried to draw them on paper. We also enjoyed building with wooden blocks and made long towers with big ramps and raced our cars up and down. Many of us enjoyed working on our fine motor skills and did some threading work to make headbands. We felt like kings and queens wearing a crown on our head.

Mag collected all the apples from the kitchen toys and said to his teachers, “I want to make apple pie”. Then Er joined him and together they sorted it according to the color and laid it out on the table. Finally, they counted that there were ‘25 apples’ and that they needed all of it to make apple pies for everyone in the class. They are so thoughtful! Aren’t they?

Thank you for another amazing day at school! Next week’s summer school theme is ‘I can sing a rainbow’. Kiki and Sayaka will be here to play with us.


Wheels lovers @ Petals Class