Monday Cool Pool Day!

July 16
A quality water play time!
W hat a hot day outside today! We have to be very careful and make sure we drink lots of water! Tokyo is very quiet today because it is a national holiday. It was quiet at Ohana too for most of our friends were out with their fami-lies elsewhere. We got to spend a lot of quality time with our teachers and played together as our teachers helped us work on our motor skills. We also got to spend a lot of time singing and listening to music! We decided it is way too hot to be outside in the sun today so we were going to the pool. We can’t wait to get inside the cool pool and splash around with our friends! We were all in the mood for stories this morning, we had Nimo read us a lot of books for a large chunk of our free play time. At 9:30 our teach-ers asked us to pack the toys away because it was time for the pool!
We packed away our toys quickly and we got changed in to our swimsuits to go up to the office for the pool! Our class today was very small so we could all go together! The best part is we didn’t have to switch half way meaning we got to spend more time at the pool. And because it was so hot out-side the cool water felt amazing. Many of our friends preferred to sit down to get more of that cool water on our bodies. We started our pool time just exploring the water and splashing around, figuring out creative ways to play with the mirrors as Nimo played his ukulele. It felt like we were in Hawaii! After a little while Nimo got the pitchers and made a fountain for us. He used different sizes of pitchers which poured the water differently. We liked to put our hands under the running water and we also enjoyed putting the mirrors under the water to get it to splash all over the place. A few of our friends stood underneath the running water to feel the cool water on our heads! It was a bummer we had to go as we were really enjoying our pool time, but we have to share the pool to our petals and flowers friends too.
Once we got back to the classroom we had our snack time. We had a quiet yet enjoyable snack time with our teachers at the table with us eating their snack. We took take care of our usual clean up routine and headed to the library to wait for all of our friends to finish so we could start our circle time! Once all of our friends were finished eating and packed away we all held each other’s hands and made a small circle. We jumped, we shook, and moved our feet. We also worked on our balance by trying to stand on one leg. Our teachers helped support us as we tried to get used to the feeling of only standing on one foot.
We sat down and began our singing time! We sang our usual good morning song and we said our names, some of us don’t quite know how to say our names yet, but the good morning song is a great way to practice. We sang a special song today for each of our friends. We all sang the first letter and sound of our name and then said our name. We each got to say what we love or what we love to do. A, H, and Z told us that they love their Mommies! B loves to eat bananas and pasta, and H loves her milk! Our song for this week is, “I love to eat apples and bananas” so we sang that song together and we talked a little bit about our favorite foods.
We had a small class, but we had a great time playing together. We had more time to do other things which made our day pretty busy in the end! We are excited for another day of school! We will see you all again tomorrow!
Little water splashers of Buds 2018