If you are happy and you know it, stomp your feet?!?!


Happy Friday!

Hello again, Mr. Sun. We were waiting for you coming back to us. It was a perfect day to do water play under the sun. The colorful flowers, the very green leaves, beautiful blue sky, shining silver stones, nice and cold water and our powerful body! We kicked our legs on the water to make lots of splash. Water jumped on our faces, but we didn’t mind to get our face wet. Water made our body cool down under the hot summer sky. Some friends pretended that we were on the beach and having relaxing time with laying on the comfortable pillow. After the water play, our teachers let us get dressed all by ourselves. It was not easy and it took time to do everything properly, but all of us did it! We didn’t need any help. We were so proud of ourselves as flowers class big boys and girls. Also, we put our wet towels and swimwear in our bag. This is our responsibility to organize our own belongings. Water play can be a good opportunity to learn lots of things and to be independent.

While we were waiting our turn to do the water play, we had a crazy dance time. Our talking drum is such a fun musical instrument to play and to dance with. The sound of the drum can be changed high to low, fast to slow, loud and quiet. It is just like our talking voice. We enjoyed a lot and it was a good warm up and cool down before and after the water play. 

In the morning circle time, we played the game with feelings and the actions.  There were some processes and preparation to play this game, so we started to review the alphabet. All alphabet cards from a to z were on the floor randomly. Our job was to make them in order. We took turns to picking up the letter one at the time.  After the alphabets were all in order, we choose some feelings which we learnt this week. Our choice was happy, sleepy, silly and angry. Some friends volunteered to write them down on the paper. They were careful to listen the sound and to find the letter from the floor and to write the letter slowly. Our spelling was following our phonics sound and no help from teachers, like hapi, sili and angry. We could use our brain to spell the words now!

Next step was thinking about the actions. Our ideas were “clap our hands”, “stomp our feet’, “shout out”, “make a funny face”.

We put all feeling cards in one basket and all action cards in another basket. Finally, ready to play the game. One friend picked up one card from each basket, and do the action with the feeling. It was tricky to guess and to act in both side. We tried to do the action altogether with “If you are happy and you know it” song.

        “If you are angry and you know it, clap your hands.”

          Then, automatically, our legs were stomping……..

        “If you are happy and you know it, stomp your feet.”

           Normally, we don’t do this, so it is very strange.

        “If you are sleepy and you know it, make a funny face.”

           We can’t make a funny face when we are really sleepy!

It was very confusing to match wrong action to one feeling, but we had fun to act strange ways.

When we were doing the calendar today, our teacher mentioned about Friday the 13th. We had no idea why it was special. This is called “superstition” they said. They told us some superstitions. When ladybug stop on your hands, people believe it means good luck. That is nice! When you see the tea leave standing up in the tea mug, it also means good luck in Japan. This sounds very Japanese. When you find the four leaves clover, it means good luck, too. One of our friend started the conversation,

“I’ve seen it, but my mom says not to pick it.”

“My mom says not to pick plants.”

“I go to Hakone tomorrow.”


Our thinking brain was always active and busy to remember what we did before and what we will do in the future. Chatting and sharing our thoughts with our friends is such a precious moment at school.

Thank you for the fun funny funky Friday!!!

Next week will be another adventure in Flowers class!


Love always,

Flowers children