Slippery Fish makes us Happy!

Come rain or shine, Petals will have fun!

Though the weather was not on our side today, Petal’s still managed to have lots of fun today!

We started the day with our table toys set up. At one table we had different types of puzzles, from magnetic ones to Hansel and Gretel puzzles. At the other table we had sorting toys for the children to exercise their problem solving skills. The children shared and took turn to finish the puzzles.

At the carpet area, we had a special activity set up for them. We decided  to have an “ocean” , were children can go “fishing”. We set up sensory bridge blocks, were children could walk on it bare foot, and massage their feet. Children practiced balancing, as they walked around the “beach.” Kiki and Pauline took turns too, to practice fancy balancing poses on the blocks. We even pretended to jump into the ocean and go swimming with the ocean creatures. There even was a ticket master who checked tickets to allow you to go inside!

It is always fascinating to see the creativity children come out with.

Once  our morning fun was over, we had circle time with Kiki. We left the sensory bridge blocks out for a change. We practiced going inside and outside of the circle, making it big and small. We sang our morning song and talked about how we felt today. Majority of us felt hungry and wonderful, which led us to our theme, “If you are happy and you know it!”

Kiki asked the children once again, what made them feel happy. Like the other times, all the children said their mom and dads made them happy. To change it up and to link them up to next weeks theme, Kiki asked the children, what food made them happy when they ate it…

Kiki: I am happy when I eat Hamburgers, nom nom nom!

All: (Laughing and giggling)

B: When I eat breakfast. I am happy when I eat toast!

A: I am happy when I eat rice.

E: I am happy….apple and chocolate!

J: Jamie is bread and chocolate.

Y: I am happy, hamburger.

R: Koala…….Koala cookies. My grandma give it to me.

S: I happy  apple!

J: ...Pizza!

M: I like sweet potatoes!

After our discussion, Kiki then introduced a new ocean song to the class, called “slippery fish” (link in email). Children watched as she acted out the song with fish toys. She then taught the children the hand gestures that went with the song. It was a big hit! Children started to gobble their friends and pretended to eat each other!

As the weather was cooler with signs or rain and thunder, we opted to go to the park today. At the park we continued our “ Bum bum monster” game with our friends. Children ran around protecting their bottoms from the Kiki bum-bum monster. Today there was an addition to the name and became Kiki T-rex bum-bum monster!

We had another wonderful day, filled with fun, laughs and silliness!

Thank you Petal’s parents for always supporting us! Enjoy your evening and see you tomorrow!!

Lots of love,

Happy Petal’s Class