Spending time at the Cool Pool

Good morning everyone! Boy, it is so hot today! We are so excited to cool off in the pool later today! But first thing is first, we have to say good-bye to our mommies, daddies, and nannies and greet our friends and teachers at Ohana. Quickly take care of our morning jobs and we are ready for a fantastic day! Out on the art table was a big canvas for us to freely use sponge brushes or rollers to splat-ter the paint on the canvas with our favorite colors. Some of our friends were so into the art they spent the entire morning free play time painting. On the activity table we had the puzzles, we worked together with our teachers to master the lock puzzle. Our teachers gave us an opportunity to think and try and figure out the puzzle by ourselves then after a couple trials and errors, our teachers gave us tiny hints until we were able to figure out how to open the lock and close it.
After our morning free play time we had to quickly pack away so we could change into our swimsuits and go cool off at the pool. We were so excited to go to the pool, but we had to split into groups of two and one of the groups went to the pool first while the other group had their snack and waited for their turn at the pool.
Each and everyone of us really enjoyed our time at the pool. Especially on a hot day like this the cool pool is the best way to enjoy summer! We splashed and sploshed our teachers and friends. Our teachers got pitchers and made waterfalls which we could just play with our hands or put our heads into and feel the cool water run through our hair. We experimented what would happen if we put the mirrors under the running water. We noticed that the water spread out more if the mirror was further away from the pitcher. We also had our teachers get the watering can for the plants. Unlike the pitcher the water came out differently and it felt completely different. We had our teacher help us get dried up and change into our dry cloths, we headed back to the classroom to have our circle time.
When we returned to the classroom we got into a big circle and had our usual warm up routine. We moved our bodies to the music and we also got to have our friends and teachers copy some of the movements that we thought of. We all sat down and sang the good morning song together! Since our theme for this week is, “If you’re happy and you know it” we sang the song of course, but instead of our usu-al , “clap your hands”, we all thought of something unique to do. Nimo then lead the song and we all stood up and did some movements like balancing on one leg, star jumping, making slides with our legs, and making and peeling the banana. Because we couldn’t go to the park today jumping and moving our bodies in the classroom allowed us to be active today and burn off some of that energy! For the last bit of the day we played together with our friends with the animal toys as John played the Piano and Nimo played the Violin for us. The sound of live classical instruments really soothes our mind and helps makes our brains become bigger and stronger!
We hope tomorrow will be hot again too, so we can have another cool pool time! We will see you again tomorrow Ohana!
The summer time pool buds of 2018