Happy sunny day!!!


It was a shining sunny day today. We enjoyed water play outside. We are jumping up and down in the water, laying down on our tummy, laying down on our back and looking up the blue sky. We were like a mermaid or like a dolphin in the swimming pool. It was nice feeling to play with water on such a hot day.  Some of our friends didn’t need any help to change our clothes to our swimming wear. It is not so easy to do all by ourselves, but we are trying to learn ho w to do it patiently. Flowers friends are very independent and our teachers are happy to see us growing up day by day.

In the morning circle, we talked about our feelings. We made our book yesterday with our portrait on the cover page. What shall we do inside the book today? Kai took some our face photos with different emotions, happy, excited, funny, sad, angry, sleepy, tired and more. Today we thought about what makes us these feelings. When do we have these emotions? It took time us to imagine when we are happy. Then we asked our special guest, Panda. He told us that when he got his favorite ice cream, he felt happy. Yes, when we get our favorite food, it makes us happy. How about sad feeling? Where is sadness coming from? Oh, our brain was still connected to eating. When there is no food to eat, we are sad. We are feeling down and we can be grumpy. Is grumpy similar to sad or angry? Well, they are different, but you can be grumpy because of hungry and angry. There are so many feelings inside ourselves.


We made a chart with faces on the left side and what makes you these feelings on the right side. First face was happy face. We followed the Panda’s case, so we drew the ice cream next to the happy face. The next face was sleepy face. Sleepy mouth was little bit flatter than happy face. One of our friend said, “My soft toy makes me sleepy.”, so she drew her mama bear soft toy next to the sleepy face. And next face was sad face. One friend said, “When I am missing my mom, I feel very sad.” then he drew his mom’s face next to the sad face. The last face was grumpy face. “When my Dad is grumpy, I am grumpy, too.” It was the good example. Everyone agreed with her.

There are some reasons and situations to make us different feeling. Our activity today was to find them and draw them on our book. Disneyland makes me happy. BBQ makes me happy. Swimming makes me excited. Monsters make me angry. The night makes me sleepy. Silly face makes me funny. My mother makes me angry. The library makes me angry. We found so many things to move our feelings. It was fun to think and to observe our feelings. We can continue this activities tomorrow. 


We were HAPPY to play and learn with our friends.

We were SLEEPY after lots of water play.

We were GRUMPY when we woke up after the rest time.

We are EXCITED to have another fun day tomorrow.


Flowers children