Being Responsible

April 4th, 2018


Dear Parents,

“If you want children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders”, said Abigail Van Buren. Today we learnt a new big word called ‘responsibility’. We are learning about this ‘value’ ‘this month. Some of us said that we have heard this word before, but none of us knew what is meant. We then read one of our character building books about responsibility called ‘You Can Count on Me’ by Regina G Burch. It was about a little super girl who believed that she is responsible for all that she does like her classwork, homework, using good manners, keeping promise to her friends, returning book the library lends, taking care of things friends loan and also taking care of her own belongings. She often said “You can count on me” because she is responsible.

Our teachers wondered how we can show responsibility in the classroom and Gr said, “pack away books” and Em added “pack away toys”. Tem declared “cross legs and hands on lap in circle time” so as not to disturb other friends and Tai said “pack away things in backpack and close the zip” after meal times. Sar confidently said, “Do your jobs. Water bottle goes in trolley. Snacks in basket” and A added “sign your name” while Wi said, “choose your jobs”. After sleep time we pack away the blanket by making a “sushi roll”, said Sar and Li. We do love taking the responsibilities and wanted to shout out “You can count on me”.  So, our teachers gave us a new responsibility today – cleaning our placemat after meal times. Most of us remembered to clean our placemats with wet towel and some of us needed gentle reminders since it’s a new responsibility and we are still not used to it. But we love being trusted for important jobs. Thank you, teachers! In the next few days, we will discuss how we can be responsible at home and in the community.

Today we were a bit sad as it is Em’s last day in school. We asked her where she is going, and Em replied, “I am going to the U.K to meet the queen and I will come back after 5 months” and this made us all roll in laughter. We will miss you so much Em- Your smile, hug and most of all your sense of humor. Em confessed that she will miss us all a lot too. But we are happy that she is coming back soon, and we will see her again next school year in Flowers Class.

We gifted her a handmade placemat with our photos and gave her a big hug to say bye. We also clicked a group picture and then Em gave each of us, including the teachers a bye bye gift. Thank you so much Em and we will miss you a lot!

Some other things we enjoyed doing today were painting the popsicle stick to add to our artwork that we will auction during the Give event on 12th April, building with blocks, counting and matching the counters to put on top of the Easter eggs, sand play with dinosaurs, decorating birthday cards for our friends and going for a walk in the garden upstairs in the office and watering the plants.

We also completed our secret task that we have been working on this month and are sending the black tights and leggings back home today.

Thank you everyone for an amazing day!


Responsible little ones in Petals Class