Busy day in Buds

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Good Morning everyone! Hope everyone had a great morning because we sure did! We started off our morning with some art! We are adding the finishing touches to our special art work that we will be auctioning off next week! We are so excited to show you what we have made! After we were finished with our art we went off to the carpet area to build train tracks or go to the kitchen area to have breakfast with Goh-san and our friends. We also got to play with the sand box and enjoyed the sensory experience. As much as we would love to keep playing we are very busy students with so much to do. We had to pack away a little earlier today because we had Ballet Class. 

Hurray for Ballet Class! Time to dance the day away! It feel like it has been a long time since we had our last one. We love having Maryna in the class and dance with her! Our new friend was already dancing along with us! After our music class we all gave Maryna a hug and we had our snack. Although the weather was cloudy and a bit colder than yesterday we decided to head off over to the park! 

The slide was very popular today. We all lined up nicely and waited nicely for our turn to go down the slide. We also played with Chiaki in the sandbox and played ball with Nimo in the green area. After running around in the park we all started to feel very hungry, so we went back to school for lunch time. While we were waiting for our turn to wash hands we helped John solve the matching puzzle. He would hand us a puzzle piece with a picture on it and we had to match them on the board. We all had no problem solving the puzzle, John was very happy that we helped him! 

Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow. Lately the weather has been going back and forth. We’re hoping that it wont get any colder than this. Tomorrow is already Friday, oh how the week flew by! Our teachers told us that we have special guests visit-ing Buds Class tomorrow! Who could it be?! We can’t wait to find out! 

See you all tomorrow! 


The busy bees of Buds Class 2018