We didn’t go to school today because... we had a HANAMI!! We met near to school and took a bus to Kinuta Park in Yoga. Most of the Buds, Pedals and Flowers children and family we’re able to join us on our excursion.  We got on the bus and in no time we we’re at the park with our picnic mats out eating. This was our second breakfast cause it was too early for snack. After the quick second breakfast we felt the need to in this sunny, warm and terrific weather and played lots of games. We  kicked the ball all over the park,  played frisbee with the teachers, played with the parachute, blew bubbles, sang, danced while John John played the guitar and we just ran around playing silly games. After we were worn out from all the activities we sat down and ate a proper picnic lunch while the sakura pedals blew in the wind. Today is also M’s birthday so she had a special birthday song from all the friends and family that came. Happy Birthday M!! On the way back most of us were so exhausted we slept right away but some still had energy and were signing songs on the bus. We we’re blessed with nice weather and all of our friends and Ohana family together in one place. Hope you had just as good of a day as we did!



Flowers Class Children