Our busy day in Buds class!


R ain, rain, go away...come again another day please! We really wanted to go to the park today but we feel that it’s not going to happen because the weather was quite nasty outside. The first thing we needed to do was to put away our stuff for our morning jobs and proceeded on doing our projects for the day. We started our special canvas art for an event in April. We began painting with our sponges and used red and yellow. When we mixed them all together, we painted and painted until the colors changed. It was interesting to see how our imagination run wild when we have our art materials right in front of us. The carpet was quite busy too. We put out the big box again which we could do many things with it and we could not even stop getting so creative with our friends and teachers. There were also some train tracks and set them up in front of our big box. Some of our friends lined them up inside the box as well.

Another highlight of our day was the deep conversation we had with our friends while playing with the sand table and jungle diorama. We started our conversation by playing with the sand and scribbling lines on them…

C: I am making eye (she was making circle on the sand).
H: I am making a dinosaur and a heart (she tried making a heart while squishing the sand in her hands). I also made a spider (she made a circle on the sand too and did this for several times).
The teacher put the paintbrushes out and they both used in making shapes on the sand table. They made scribbles and most of the time they made circle.
C: I am making heart triangle and circle triangle (as she scribbled on the sand).
H then realized that the jungle art was just beside the sand table and pointed at it…
H: Look! There’s a jungle!
Teacher: Do you want to see the jungle?
Harriet: Yes!
H brings more sand in the jungle and she started sprinkling the sand over it. She was
very interested and going back and forth from the table to the jungle art. When the teacher brought the jungle animal container out, most of the children came up and took one animal.
H: I will put the monkey on the tree. The monkey is sleeping.
Teacher: Why is the monkey sleeping?
H: The monkey is tired.
C: Monkey fell down. Monkey needs to sleep (she saw that the monkey fell from the tree and picked it up again).
H: Monkey stands up again. He’s happy.
L: Giraffe is hungry (he walked the giraffe around the jungle as if looking for food).
H: I am chasing the monkey (she got her puppet dinosaur from the play area). ROOAAAARRR! Oopps...the mommy horse needs to be with the baby horsey.
Now, everybody was becoming very interested with the jungle animals. Some of them put the animals on the sand and made another conversation.
S: Kangaroo, be careful because the crocodile is coming! (She was moving the kangaroo around as if it is jumping on the sand).
A: Monkey is afraid of the dinosaur! (She saw what Harriet was holding).
The conversation was quite engaging because we knew some animals that are scary like the lion and crocodile and we even identified them as animals that can eat other animals so that’s why we told everybody to be careful. We also made a connection that the sand was also a material that we used in our jungle art. And by sprinkling the sand on the jungle art...our teach-ers also showed us that it can be like a rain…
C: Rain, rain is coming. (She was sprinkling the sand from her hand and it was really like a rain pouring all over the jungle).
After packing away the jungle diorama and put all the jungle animals, Chloe said…
C: Baby giraffe...baby giraffe…
(She saw that the big giraffe was in the jungle so she got a small gi-raffe and put it beside the big giraffe).
Teacher: Are you happy that they are together?
C: Yes!
And we all packed away.
For our birthday party, we had a sweet time with R’s mama and grandma. We thank you for coming and it was such a nice treat that we got a big plate of brownies. We enjoyed the delicious snack and we kept asking for more. Of course, we sang our favorite “Skidamarink” and “Happy birthday” to our dear friend.
He is now two years old. His birthday was on the 8th of March and we’re glad that we’re able to celebrate it with our friends and teachers.
For our circle time, we also talked about how to wash our hands properly. We used our own towels in dry-ing our hands. It took us a little longer because we had to do it one by one. We divided the group into two and it was more organized to work in small groups. Thank you so much for teaching us another skill that we could use eve-ry day.
It was another beautiful day and we would also like to welcome B and Br back to Ohana. B went to France for a week-long trip and Brooke just got back from the US and we’re so happy to have her again in Buds.
Lots of love,
All the beautiful creatures in Buds class 2017-2018