Guess what day it is ? Games Daaaay :)

March 19th, 2018


Dear Parents,

Happy Miyashita Monday! We had an amazing ‘Games Day’ today with him. We are always so excited about our gymnastics class every Monday. We started our class by doing some warm up exercises like jumping, running, hopping, bending our knees and touching different parts of the body like head, shoulder, knees, mouth and ears. Miyashita sensei couldn’t help noticing how much we have improved since the beginning of the year and called some of our friends to demonstrate some exercises they did really well like Sar showed us how to do standing balance, An showed us the Airplane balance and Av did the table balance.

Then we played 4 of our very favorite games. We started by playing ‘ochita ochita’ in which when Miyashita sensei called out names of different food items and we had to pretend to eat it, whereas when he said ‘bird’, we had to cover our heads. The second game we played was the traffic light game in which when sensei called out ‘blue’, we walked 2 steps and then stopped; yellow meant we had to look around and red meant we had to run away from Miyashita sensei. The third game was Sumo, in which we were divided into two teams of boys and girls and each team had to push a big green mat against Miyashitya sensei. Our fourth game was the ‘Hot ball game’ in which our teachers threw balls at us and we had to run away from it and escape being touch by it. We loved our ‘Game Day’. Thank you, Miyashita sensei!

Tem was so excited to do his Show and Tell with Brownie this morning. He excitedly told us, “I played at Amishiro Park with Brownie. On the weekend, I took Brownie to Disneyland with my mummy, daddy and my grandparents. We stayed in the Disney hotel. The bed was all white like snow and I thought I am in Antarctica. So, I pretended to be a snow penguin and walked like a penguin waddle waddle. Brownie was a snow dog. She eats breakfast with me in the Disney hotel. Then we went to the big wheel and Brownie was not scared. We looked down and saw that my grandparents were so small. It was so funny. We collect lots of pine cones because Brownie want to play with it”. We asked Temma lots of questions, An wanted to know, “Did you go to beach?”, Mi asked, “Did you go to bath? Tai questioned “Did you go to Eiffel Tower?” and Tem replied “No”. Then Gr asked, “Did you like the hotel?”, Sar asked, “You sleep Brownie” and Tem said, “Yeah”. Tem ended his Show and Tell by informing us that “Brownie can speak in Chinese. He can say Ni hao”. Thank you Temma for an amazing Show and Tell! Brownie is so happy to go to Gr’s home today.

Lots of us enjoyed creating with play dough today. Ry and An made many small animals with it and then Temma joined them to make a zoo. They worked together and placed all the play dough animals inside the zoo. They were so proud of their work.

We also enjoyed playing with building blocks, decorating bye bye cards for two of our friends who are leaving soon and doing the marbling art work on the big canvas we are working on to auction off on 12th April during the Give event.

That was all on our first day of the last week before the Spring Break! Enjoy the rest of your day everyone!


All of us in Petals Class