You can imagine how happy Shelley is again, with the rainy weather. The plants are getting fed with so much water and nourishment. Today is not only rainy but it is also windy and SNOWY!!! Who would of thought it would snow on the first day of spring! Either way we are looking forward to walking to Nanzan Shogakko later, for our full Evacuation Drill.

  Yesterday, we started on our mysterious canvas creation for “OHANA GIVES BACK”. As planned we picked the colors and started planning it today. We started painting it today but no matter what we do there was still white. Kai and Shelley showed us that we had to blot, blot, blot so it would get into all the crevasses. We painted one section by only blotting and the next section we blotted with very wet paint and then tilted the painting so it would drip. We made quite a mess today but that’s part of painting and making art.

  Today is the evacuation drill and Hisami showed us how we would evacuate with an unicorn and her favorite animal the panda. There was an earthquake and the unicorn had to hide under the table or “box” then escaped outside. While it was outside the building collapse and now it doesn’t have anywhere to go. This is when it took a journey to Nanzan Elementary school. When it arrived at Nanzan, it waited and waited until Mommy Panda arrived to pick them up. Mommy Panda was so happy they cried, hugged and kissed until it was safe to go home. We all laughed at the end of the story because they were go happy but if a disaster were to happen we will be prepared!

  Yesterday we learned how to play Guess Who and today Hisami showed us a similar game we can play with that. She drew 14 pictures ranging from snake to tree. We then, without looking, took one and put but it on our silly hat were wearing. The person with the picture on their head has to ask yes or no questions to find the picture that’s on his/her head. It took us a while to get use to  coming up with the questions but eventually we got the hang of it.

  Afterwards, Kai showed us how to play his version of dodgeball taken from the International Dodgeball Association. We play with good sportsmanship and honestly. The rules are:

  • If you’re hit with a live ball then you have to go out.
  • If you get hit in the head then you’re safe.
  • If you catch another persons ball then they are out and the first person that was out gets to come in.
  • If you cross the line then you’re out.
  • When we start the balls are in the middle and we are against the wall. When the ref saying go we can grab the ball but have to touch our wall before we can throw.
  • The winner is the team that eliminated the opponent.
  • And most importantly HAVE FUN!!!

We played two games just scooting around on our bottom so we get to know the rules and then we started playing for real. We were all very intense, played to win and congratulated the other team for a good game. Near the end of dodge ball Shelley came in with a secret. We all gathered around her and she whispered… “It’s snowing outside!” We we’re super surprised and were excited thinking we might have to walk in the snow.

  Today really felt like a natural disaster because of the wet, cold and snowy weather but we still had a blast inside as always. Tomorrow will be the last day that G, M and C will be together. We’re already so sad to think about them leaving. We will have to cherish moment tomorrow. Hope you have a great day off!



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