Good Day Sir/Madam


Red phone booth, double decker bus, Paddington Bear, Fish and chips, Sunday roast, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Queen Elizabeth have in common? You might of guessed, England! Today we had another international day! Rachel, E’s mom came in to give us a little sample of England. She showed us a map of Europe and pointed out that England is an island on the upper left side of the map. Before she showed us any of the flashcards we saw a sneak peak of Paddington Bear and we all shouted “Paddington bear!” We wonder how he will come in to the theme of England. Rachel showed us all the thing we could see if we went to England. We all recognized the double decker bus and some of us even have the toy car at home. The steak on the Sunday roast picture looked amazing! Rachael said it can be chicken as well! After looking at the pictures, we played pin the nose on the Paddington bear. First we tried to do it individually but it was hard to do blindfolded. Then we tried to listening to our friends while they gave us instructions but it was too loud and we couldn’t hear the instructions properly. Next, we tried to only listen to one person and that worked a lot better. We had to put our thinking cap on to give the proper instructions. Left and right can be confusing sometimes but Kai showed us if we raise our left hand and put the pinky, ring and middle finger down it looks like an “L” for left. It was fun watching our friends go pass the nose and having to give the correct direction back. When we all had a turn Rachel read a well known England children story book for us. It was called tiger who came for tea. There is a little girl called Sophie who is having afternoon tea with her mother when suddenly a tiger came to join them. The tiger drank all the tea, ate all the food in the house and even drained the water from the tap. When the father came home he suggested they go eat and buy more food for themselves and for the tiger too but the tiger never came back again. We wonder why?... To top off England day, Rachel made some scones for us to eat after snack time! Thank you Rachel for the wonderful international day.


  After snack time Hisami asked us if we can find England on our big map. We found it with some help from her, then we used the ABC letters to spell out England on the floor. When we knew E-n-g-l-a-n-d is for England we took turns making the letters with popsicle sticks. Then it was time to move our bodies since it couldn’t go outside. Hisami played the CD and we danced and sang to all the songs. The songs ranged from “Head, shoulder knees and toes”, “Open, shut them” to Japanese songs, “Gu, Choki, Pa” to “Obento bako nota”. We also danced to “Hockey pokey” Hisami helped us remember which one is our left side of the body by marking our hands with a purple dot. We were so exhausted after all the dancing we were ready for lunch. Just before lunch though we took turn reaching in a bag to feel two different ABC shapes to see if we can guess which ones were which. In the bag there were only X and O. For kisses and hugs.

  We’ve had a great week traveling around the world again going to American then to England. We also loved having Kiki in our classroom but at the same time missed Kai. When Kiki left we missed her too but we can always visit her in the Buds class. We hope you’ve also had a fantastic week! We’re anticipating for our Ohana journey next week before spring break!



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