Welcome to the Jungle

March 15
Welcome to the Jungle!


What a beautiful day!
The weather was so sunny and warm to-day. We wanted to spend the entire day outside, but we had lots to do to-day. We started our morning with a little bit of our Jun-gle project. We had threading and pegs on the activity table to help develop our fine motor skills. At this point we can peg and thread without any help from our teachers. After all of our friends arrived at school we all got drums and had a jam session with the Violin! We helped our teachers pack away the toys, we love working together to move toy boxes and rolling up carpets. Once the class room was set up for Ballet class we danced with John’s guitar while we waited for Maryna.
We had a great time with our Ballet class! At first we were shy to dance in front of everyone, but now we are used to our friends and we are more confident in ourselves so we love it! Maryna is now teaching us how to do the Ballet moves that looked difficult at first but with practice we will be able to do it! Our thirty minute class went by in a flash and it was time for us to say bye-bye to Maryna. After we put the class back in to its usual state, we gathered around for a very special circle time today!
We used our Jungle that we made as a class to make our own sto-ry! We got the farm animals and put them in the jungle with other jungle animals Our teachers told us that farm animals don’t usually live in the Jungle, but these friends were lost and we have to help them. While the farm animals were lost the baby horse called a fowl got separated from his mommy and we went to each animal and asked it if it was her mommy.
After roaming around the entire jungle the fowl finally found his mommy and we helped then get out of the Jungle and back into the farm. We loved this story time because we go to make our own story as we went.
By the time we finished our snack we didn't have enough time to go to the park so we decided to go take a walk to the pond and explore. The water was very murky and green so we couldn’t see inside the water. We let our creative minds run wild and imagined various things that could be living under the water.
The weather tomorrow might be rainy which is a bummer, but hopefully the sun will come out soon so we can go play at the park under the shiny yellow sun! Have a great night friends and we will see you all again tomorrow!
The jungle explorers of Buds Class 2018