Amazing Airplanes

February 26th, 2018

Dear Parents,

‘Why walk when we can fly? ‘We are very imaginative, and this was our topic of discussion today. Tem said, “we cannot fly because we have no feather”, Tai corrected him, “no wings”, but Mo didn’t seem to agree and spread him arms as he said, “I can fly”. Sar and Em agreed with Mo and giggled. Wi said, “My papa can fly in a big airplane and come to my Wi house”. Then Gradded, “One time I went in an airplane to Vietnam. Then I go to the airport”. We are curious learners and our current favorite theme is ‘airplanes’. We even made paper airplanes today.


We read a book called ‘Amazing Airplane’ by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker. We learnt that a plane is big and heavy, yet it climbs up really high. It zooms along the runway and soars into the sky. Its wings hold big jet engines, which are loud and very strong. They suck the air and blow it through to whoosh the plane along. When the plane moves fast enough, the air around’s so swift it pushes up beneath the wings and makes the whole plane lift.

Tem explained, “Helicopters just go up like this” and then he stood up slowly pretending that he is a helicopter that just goes straight up in the sky to fly, unlike the airplane. We noticed in one of the pictures in the book that airplane has wheels and some of us were shocked to learn that. Pooja explained that the wheels help the airplane during ‘taxi’ takeoff and landing times when it runs on the runway. When the airplane flies in the air, the pilot turns the knob to close the wheels.  We further discussed that if we could fly in an airplane, where we would like to go. Av said, “Ishigaki” and Li said, “Austria”.

Today was Miyashita Monday and we worked out during Gym class with Miyashita sensei. Later in the day, we also went to the park to get some fresh air. During Gym class, after warming up exercises, we did some exercises involving stretching, walking, running and jumping. Then we threw the ball as hard as we could and ran after it. Next, we used a small ball to play throw and catching games. Finally, we played the sumo game in which the children were one team v/s Miyashita sensei. Our main aim was to use all our strength to push the mat between sensei and us and knock it down to be the winner. We had an amazing session again today and are so thankful for Miyashita sensei.

Em, An, Av and Sar enjoyed playing ‘Chutes and Ladders’ today and Pauline reminded us that this board games has taken an inspiration from ‘Saap Seedhi’ or ‘Snakes and Ladders’ from India. Many of us enjoyed solving number puzzle in which we counted and matched the pieces. We also had fun building with wooden blocks.

We are so excited for Norway day tomorrow! We heard that a special visitor is coming and got a few clues about the same. Its big and lives in the water. We wonder what it is. We can’t wait!!!!

Looking forward to another fun day in Petals Class tomorrow!



All of us in Petals Class

Ohana International School