Korea, Olympics and Gold Medals


Annyeonghaseyo! Is what we said this morning because we traveled to Korea! Sunny and Halmeoni M’s mom and grandma came to visit us today for our fourth international day. Halmeoni is how we say grandma in Korean, she lives in North Carolina now and we’re so glad she had time to come join us. When we sat down Sunny asked us if we’ve been watching the Olympics. Some of our friends know a lot about the Olympics because we like to ski and we even know who won gold medals for Japan. She told use that the Olympics is in Korea right now and the city is call Pyeongchang. We looked at the Olympic flag and it has five circles on it representing the five continents. The colors of the flags are blue, black, red, yellow and green. The six colors are all the colors used in the national flags of the world. Sunny shared a little bit of Korean culture with us and brought a colorful hanbok for us to try on. Hanbok something they wear during special occasions. We thought it kind of looks like a kimono. We all had a turn to put on the hanbok and took pictures together while the other friends work on the Olympic rings. For the rings we used a paint cup and traced it with the five different colors.

We’ve been talking about the Olympics all day it’s time to have a little friendly competition. Sunny show us how to play a mat race game using two mats. We had to step on a mat then move the other mat from behind us to the front and step on that one. The first one that touches the wall get a gold medal! We all competed very hard and everyone got either gold, silver or bronze medals. For snack time she also brought some Korean wheat crackers, rice crackers and sweet puffy rice crackers and they were delicious. Gamsahamnida!

After snack time we continued with the Olympic theme and watched the opening ceremony and various different Olympic sports. R wanted to watch snowboard, J wanted to watch ice skating and G wanted to watch ski jumps. Kai also showed us some other sports like skeleton, curling and the biathlon. He asked us if we would like to try skeleton and more than half the class are willing to try and G said he had sled down head first before. The teachers all said it looked very dangerous and were afraid to try it. All the video of the sport made us want to exercise some more. We took out the bamboo stick and had a high jump contest. We started low and after everyone had a chance to try it we move it slightly higher, then higher and higher. At the end we all congratulated the top three and played again. Jumping over the stick was a lot easier than what was about to happen next. Next, we played limbo and had to go under the stick. This was very difficult but we concentrated very hard to do it properly. We all had a good laugh because we were so serious about competing that it showed in our face. Right before lunch Hisami took out the big “Head to Toe” and “Brown bear, Brown Bear What Do You See” book. We read it out loud and try to guess what’s on the next page.

It was another marvelous week at Ohana. We had a South Africa day, Korean day, finished a safari project and had lot of friendly competitions. Hope you all had a  great week as well. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next week!



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