South Africa Day


Good morning everyone! We had a fantastic day and we are so happy to see the weather get better and better. We are so excited to share with you what we did today! This morning, we had some newspaper and the construction paper on the table and John worked with us and put a lot of glue on it. We then spread the glue all over the paper until every part was smeared with it. Then, we slowly put the newspaper on it and pat it so that it would stay. The carpet area was quite busy too because Kiki was there to play with us. The blocks were all over the place and we had to line them up and arranged them accordingly. Kiki also got a ukulele and we were also singing with her the whole time.

We had H's mom and L’s mom come to Buds to talk to us about their home country, South Africa. They showed us pictures of different animals and the Zulu warrior. They also showed the map of South Africa and showed us where they were from. After that, we put on our special South African hat and we noticed that their flag has lots of colors. They said that their flag is like a rainbow so they are also called a rainbow country. We saw yellow, black, green, red, white and blue.

Next up, Nicole taught us many dance moves from South Africa. First, we put our hands up and down. Then, we pat our legs and made sure that our feet were like marching. We touched our knees over and over again. It was amazing how each of us was very cooperative and really observed and copied what Nicole showed us this morning. She is a very graceful dancer. They also taught how to say yes (yebo) and no (kungekho) in Zulu language and how to say good  morning (goeie more) in Afrikaans. They also showed us the South African Rand (their currency) and we recognized that there were also numbers on it. We saw yichi, ni, san, yon and go. They also showed the beaded dolls and figurines. They were quite impressive!

Lastly, our last activity was to make a Zulu shield. N and C brought some fabric that were like animal skins. We saw the stripey skin as zebra and spotted skin as giraffe. We also put some feathers on the shield and some other fabrics with different colors and textures.

Our South African Day would not be complete without our yummy treats. We had the milk tarts! Yay! They were all delicious. It has the right amount of sweetness in it!

We all celebrated the South African day with full of joy and love. We just wish that we can do international month for the whole year. It’s always fun to learn a lot about other countries. It gives us more of a feeling of being accepted and valued in our school. Hence, thank you so much again N and C for this wonderful celebration. Hope to have this again in our class.

Lots of love,

All the little Zulu from Buds Class 2017-2018


Ohana International School