Singing and dancing in the rain


What a wonderful day again in Buds class! Maryna came to our class today and had a fantastic dance class. We missed her so much and we’re so happy to have her and experience different dance routines for today.

In the morning, we continued our paper mache activity and again the unfamiliar texture certainly gave a novelty on how to play with newspaper and water. Chiaki used some flour and water then brushed it on the newspaper so that it sticks on the balloon. Then, we went to the other side of the table and had some connecting blocks of little people. We are familiar on how to play with these and H said that she could make a train with it. Then, she made a sound of a train, “choo, choo”. She lined all the people blocks together and pretended that they were moving around the table.

Going back to Maryna’s ballet class. We did lots of movements and exercises. First, we learned the farm song. And in the song, we learned the words like corn, banana, orange, avocado and carrots. For each food, we had to do the action by moving our arms up and slowly going down. It’s like farming and peeling the different food. Maryna also taught us how to dance while doing thumbs up, elbows in, bending of our knees and putting out tongue out. Our favorite “Mosquito song” was very popular too. We just love playing around and showing our fantastic dance moves to our teachers.

As you can see, since yesterday, we started a different template for our journal and the Buds class teachers are experimenting various writing and layout styles. We’ve received a positive feedback from some parents and we feel that we just keep on being creative with our journals.

After the ballet lesson, we still continued playing the monster game with Chiaki, Nimo and Kiki. It was quite similar to Miyashita-sensei’s gym class. We really enjoyed the running and our teachers chasing us. Indeed, it’s a fantastic  day for all of us in Buds.

Oh no! We couldn’t go to the park today so we had to stay inside our classroom. But actually, it was also fun playing inside so we extended our free play time. We put out the wrist ribbons, animal toys and some cars. We chose our own toys and we definitely entertained ourselves as much as we could. In the background, we have our speakers on and we listened to the dinosaur songs and of course, “Baby Shark”! How could we get over this song? It’s so catchy and every time we hear, we just stood up and danced away with it.

Our Buds teachers would like to take this opportunity of thanking our parents for giving them a wonderful Teacher Appreciation Cards with wonderful messages inside. WE really treasure this booklet because we value all the good things (and thoughts) that we’ve shared together.

Thank you so much and have a blessed day! See you all tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the little dancers from Buds class 2017-2018




















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