Sharing is Caring!

What a beautiful morning, with the sun in the sky, crisp air and happy little bunnies arriving to class!


We had quite the busy morning today! As the children arrived, the big table was set up in a very different way. There were 3 games with 2 chairs for each. The focus of todays table games was to work in pairs and play. Kiki was kind enough to bring 2 games from home, that she wanted to share with Petals children. One game is “Connects” a 2 player game. The game where strategy drives the competition! Line ‘em up and go for the win! Choose the yellow discs or the red discs and drop them into the grid. When you get 4 discs in a row, you win. It’s simple, fast, and fun. Children took turns in pairs and switched with others, so they could have a turn. On the other side, Kiki brought her A-Z alphabet box. a magnetic board appeared when you open the box. Children worked in pairs to write out their friends name. The third game was a princess puzzle, which wasn't much of an interest as the new games were more intriguing.

The point of this set up was to encourage one on one playing, which helps children to be more patient, have a conversation and make new connections. Kiki also explained the rules of the game and how to treat her toys nicely, as she brought it in to share.

At the other table we did marble painting.  We are making cards for Tohoku, another charity work the school does for children who were effected by the earthquake on 3/11. We are making special Christmas cards for the children there. They had so much rolling the marbles around. We also had some run away marbles, that were trying to escape the buckets.

At the carpet, children had fun with Pauline. They played with stickle bricks and made different shapes. Some shapes were “O” and some shapes were “hamburger shape.” It was funny to see all the “new” shapes children were inventing. There was a lot of chitter-chatter coming from the carpet area, so much so it was flowing into the tables, where children came up ad showed Kiki and Sayaka their “new” shapes! After our morning fun, children even helped to clean up nicely afterwards as a team.

After snack, Kiki sat down with children during circle time to talk about Cambodia again. She asked the children why are we helping them? They all remembered and at the end they said “no school!” Kiki asked then, why is so important for children?

Y: Make you happy.

R: Friends

E: I don’t know…

Kiki then explained a lot of learning happens in school, that they don’t think about. For example, figuring out problems and finding solutions to difficult things. Even how to talk to people nicely with respect is taught in school, along with all the interesting things like recycling, saving the Earth, why is the sun hot? And may more questions they might have. The most important one is, your brain gets stronger, which makes you stronger too! Therefore, we need to help the children in Cambodia, and help them to grow too.

Kiki then passed around some more pictures from Cambodia.  Some children found it very sad, and expressed it to their teachers, whilst others were angry and confused about why they don’t have it. At the end Kiki explained that if we can share just one toy from home for these children, it would make them so happy and they would be so thankful for it….a small act of kindness goes very far for the happiness of other.

Therefore as parents, we request that the children bring in 1 toy/book/car or an item that they can “share” (donate) for Cambodia. We will be collecting this tomorrow and Friday, and on Friday will have another group discussion about it. Please sit with your child and go through their toys and emphasis that this is the kindness they will be giving to a child in Cambodia.

R: I can she girl to a princess.

S: Yes me too.

Y: Me too.

R: I have car, I give.

R: I have toy car, I can share.

L: I have toys I can share.

Kiki thanked everyone and reminded them, just like she gave her toys to Petals class, which made them very happy, now it’s their turn to make someone else happy.

After our wonderful discussion we then, did a fun song with Kiki, called “Highway number one” by Shenanigans. It’s a driving song, that’s all about following the leader, as they travel through Australia. Kiki asked them to prepare their car.

Kiki: My car is red with yellow polka dots. Who would like to raise their hands and share their car?

R: White and big

X: and it’s rage rover. A big one.

L: Green, with ducks on it.

Y: Pink, yellow, purple with Rapunzel on it.

H: I will have a pink one. And it’s small.

R: Me is black and (action for tall).

Y: I will have a silver car...and its small.

After that fun song, we headed out to the park to enjoy the sunshine!


We have a wonderful day of learning.

Have a lovely evening and see you next week!

Driving Petals class.





Ohana International School