We are family!


Hip, hip, HOORAY! What a beautiful day! As we started our day with a big smile we all went to our area where the trolley was to do our morning jobs. After that, we asked our teachers if we could play with the trains and tracks from our cupboard. Our teachers also took out the big Lego blocks that we could play with today. It was actually a good day for all of us because we got a chance to make tall towers and experience how our toys could sometimes be bigger and taller than most of us.

On our table activities, we had our mud play. At first, we were a bit hesitant to touch and feel it because of the texture and the way how it looked like. Our teachers used our special sand from the sandbox and just put a little bit of water. The sand had a finer texture than what we saw at the park but still it is very nice to have this learning experience at Ohana.

The other table had a long canvas with scribbles that we did last week. We are planning to do something that we could cut out later on. So, after making and creating lines and objects on our paper, we then painted some colors on them. We used red, blue and yellow. We used a softer color this time so that the scribbles would still show up when we cover the entire paper with paint. We went around the paper and painted the colors we loved to make.

Miyashita-sensei came to our class again with a warm smile and we all greeted him a great good morning. After that, we all settled on one side of the classroom and waited for his further instructions. First, we did our warm-up exercises, stretching and animal actions. After that, he put the big green mat in the middle of the classroom and lined up the cushions on top of it. He asked us to balance on these cushions and stepped on them carefully as we went along. It was really nice to see how some of us just did it because we’re always excited to practice our big motor skills.

Afterwards, we went to one side of the classroom and waited for Miyashita-sensei to blow his whistle. His instruction was to wait for the whistle before we could run to the other wall. We did this several times. Then, we played the “ghost” game again which is a class favorite. Thank you so much Miyashita-sensei and hope to see you again next week.

During our circle time, John gathered us and sang our usual good morning song. After singing, we counted our small friends slowly. We then counted our big friends (teachers) and we were all so proud of what we could do now in Buds. Most of our friends are now very confident in talking. We just love to communicate in every possible way. John also asked us, “Who do you love?” Some of our friends said that we love our teachers, daddies, mommies, friends and pets. It was a nice way of getting to know everyone else’s feelings towards the people around them. Finally, we put another roll of paper on the floor and with some paint. Since we talked about family, we always consider Ohana as our big family and not just a school that we go to each day. Ohana, especially in Buds, we are a family. A family can have one or two people in it and sometimes we can twenty people in it. One example is our Buds class. WE ARE FAMILY! We love and care for everyone each and every day.

We painted our canvas as our representation. We used paint and brush to draw ourselves on the paper. Some of our friends said that he drew a snake, Nimo drew a fish, Tamara drew a heart and Chiaki drew a half circle. We are going to post this on our wall so that our other friends can also draw their own symbol on our special paper.

Nimo also read a book called, “I love you mummy” by Jillian Harker. Thank you so much and have a wonderful day!

Lots of love,

The Buds Family

Ohana International School