Happy Gobble Day!

21st November 2018

Happy Thanksgiving day!!! 

Our classroom was full of Thanksgiving smells all day long.  We prepared some dishes yesterday, pumpkin pie, stuffing and mashed potatoes. Today we cooked the main dish “Turkey”, a bean casserole and fresh salad. Flowers class was just like a restaurant again.


The salad team cut cucumbers and tomatoes with a knife, they tore lettuce with their fingers,  grated carrots and mixed everything in a big bowl.  We learned how to hold a knife safely without cutting our own fingers. The bean casserole team opened a can of cream of mushroom, two bags of green beans, cheese and crispy fried onions. We put all of the ingredients into a tray and baked them for about ten minutes. After a while, we took it out, and sprinkled crispy fried onion on the top again. 


Our 4kg turkey woke up early this morning because it needed to stay in the oven for about three hours. Our main chef Kai and assistant chef Liezel came to school early in the morning to get the turkey  ready for us. Thank you, Kai and Liezel for the preparation. When we came to school, our classroom already had a yummy smell coming from the oven. Our turkey was a shiny brown colour and crispy on the outside.  We could not wait for lunch time. Our mouths were ready to taste the food and our tummies were already super hungry at snack time.


On one table, some of our friends were working on their wreaths. It was funny because on one side of the classroom, we cooked for our Thanksgiving celebration and on the other side, we were making  presents for the winter holiday. We felt like we had two celebrations on the same day!

Our circle time was all about Thanksgiving.  What can we do at Thanksgiving?  “Mom and Dad will come to Ohana to join our party!” Oh, that is a great idea, but not this time…  “Cooking pumpkin pie?” “Cooking mashed potatoes?” Yes, our brain was also hungry and thinking about cooking and eating. What are we thankful for? Well, our thoughts were getting deeper day by day.

T:              “I am thankful for my friends because I like them.”

M:       “I am thankful for my daddy because he played catch with me at the park.”

T2:            “I thank you for Chinese class because I like it.”

S:              “I am thankful for my mom because she cooked for me everyday and I like her beautiful obento box.”

We hope that our thankful hearts can go flying to our special ones today.

After our fun park time, we had a big thanksgiving lunch all together.  Our table was very busy with our normal lunch boxes and our special dishes. Turkey looked just gorgeous!!! We were so excited to taste it with lovely gravy sauce and cranberry sauce. Some of us asked for more and more turkey and some of us loved the pumpkin pie a lot. We really enjoyed our big thanksgiving lunch in Flowers. We added the words for our lunch time song,

“We’re thankful for our friends. We’re  thankful for our teachers. We’re thankful for our parents.”

We also watched the “Thanksgiving parade movies”. Kai told us, in America, people cook lots of food and go out to see the parade and watch American football. Many people have a family gathering time today and enjoy Thanksgiving day. We had a lovely Ohana thanksgiving day in Flowers Class. Thank you everyone, and we send special thanks to Kai for sharing the traditional  thanksgiving celebration with us.


Flowers Class Children

Ohana International School