Early Thanksgiving Celebration


Good Morning!! Another beautiful day in Tokyo! Our friends were becoming more and more independent that they only needed little assistance from the teachers when we did our morning jobs.

There were animals, face, transportation and bus puzzles on the table. Once one friend started to play with the puzzle, other friends also went there to play. Some of them played with the puzzle by her/himself and some of them cooperated with one another and finished the puzzle.

The other table, John continued to make Christmas cards for Tohoku friends. We used the brown paint and did handprint on the paper as if it’s a reindeer. We cannot wait what we’ll do next and send those cards to Tohoku friends!

Wooden blocks and animals toys were on the carpet that we enjoyed. We piled the wooden blocks and built big towers. Friends picked animal toys one by one and asked a teacher., “What’s this?” Every time, the teacher answered the questions, the friends repeated the name of animals as if they were trying to remember the animal names.

After the morning free time, we gathered at the carpet area and have some singing sessions with both English and Japanese. Chiaki sang “Gu-, Choki, Pa– De (rock scissors and paper)” and asked friends what can we make with those shapes. First, we made butterfly with scissors and paper shapes. Yet, we were not sure if that looked like a butterfly.….ummm…. What can we do?? Then, our friends had a great idea that to change scissors to paper. So, we made papers with both hands connected the papers together and it looked like a flying butterfly!! Also, we became a gorilla by making two rocks with our hands.

While we were singing songs, A’s mom and sister (M and Adv) and Ch’s mom and brother (Me and And) came to the classroom. We were wondering why they came to the Buds class because no one has a birthday today. John kindly explained to us that we are here today to celebrate Thanksgiving together! First, M read the book called, “The First Thanksgiving” and told us how and why Thanksgiving began in the United States. After that, we moved the table and had thanksgiving art time. M showed a picture of colourful turkey handprinting art that we can make it today. The moms and teachers helped us to paint our fingers with various coloured paint. Then, we put our hand to a piece of white paper and made our own turkey. After finishing the art time, we gathered at the carpet again and sang Thank You song to show our appreciation to C mom, A mom, brother and sister. Thank you so much for coming Buds class today and celebrate Thanksgiving with us.

After we said bye-bye to them, we had a morning snack and went to for a walk outside. This time, we decided to go to the temple near at Ohana and see tall beautiful trees with great weather.

Thank you, Have a nice day!

Lots of love,

All the turkey painters from Buds class

Ohana International School