It's Just Another Magic Monday

Dearest Mom and Dad,


We guess that “M” stands for Miyashita Monday, and Magic Monday. Would you believe that today was pretty magical? You don’t believe us? Well, stay tuned for further details….

Some of us finished the leaf art with Sayaka. The others stayed at the carpet building cities with Kiki using the wooden blocks. We also used the blocks as a telephone, and we pretended to call up each other for a chat. We then did our usual routine of cleaning up early, so we can have our snacks, then gym class.

Miyahsita sensei arrived, and we did our usual warm– up with our partners. Then we practiced our forward roll, and we have to be able to stand up immediately to balance ourselves. We think we’re really getting good at forward roll! After that, we played the Ookami– san game, which is the Japanese version of “Mr. Wolf, What Time Is It?” That elicited a lot of squeals and running away from Miyashita sensei.

We had our circle time after, and Pauline read an interesting book about “Thelma the Unicorn”. Thelma was not really a unicorn, and whenever she looks at the mirror, she feels sad– she wants to be a beautiful unicorn.  One day, she found a carrot and strapped it to her nose, then a truck full of pink paint and glitter crashed nearby, covering her entirely in paint and glitter. Everyone thought she was a unicorn, and she became very famous. But she discovered the price of fame– she had mad fans and haters, too. She was being followed everywhere, and she couldn’t do things she normally could. She ended up lonely and sad, despite having everything she wanted– beauty, fame, and fortune. She decided she didn’t want to be a unicorn anymore and she returned to her old life, together with her best friend Otis. The end.

“So…. What did you think about the story?” Pauline asked.

“I like Thelma because she is sparkle,” X said.

“I learned that Thelma should be nice,” Y said.

“She is wonderful, beautiful!” Z said.

“How about when she was still a donkey and color brown?” Pauline asked.

“She was a little bit beautiful– but just a little bit,” W said.

“My sister has long hair– just like Thelma,” V said.

“I think everybody is a happy unicorn,” X said.

“That’s right!” Pauline said. “We’re all happy, beautiful unicorns!”

“When you look in the mirror, do you feel happy when you see yourself?” She asked. Everyone answered yes.

“That’s good. Because for other people, when they see themselves in the mirror, they don’t like what they see. It’s okay if you sometimes feel that way. But then you have to remember that you are beautiful, you are great, you are wonderful– you are special!” Pauline said. She said that like what we discussed before with Sayaka, we are “Same– same, but different.” Our faces look different. Our hair looks different. Everything is different, but we are all beautiful.

“We are beautiful! We are special!’ We cheered.

“We learned about being thankful for our friends, our families, or things… now, it’s time to be thankful for ourselves.” Pauline announced. She took out a big bag of plastic balls. She said that today, they weren’t plastic balls, but Magic Thank You Balls. We practiced our counting and took some balls, which we then put into the Magic Bag while saying things about ourselves that we are thankful for. We said some pretty interesting things that we will save for our documentation, but we’ll give you a sneak preview. Do you want to guess who said these things?

“I’m thankful for my eyes, because me can see.”

“I’m thankful for my skirt, because it’s sparkle.”

“I’m thankful I can eat, because mommy is cooking.”

“I’m thankful for respecting friends.”

“I’m thankful for my skirt, because I can dance with Maryna.”

“I’m thankful I can put my plate in the kitchen.”

We filled up our Magic Bag with the Magic Thank You balls– which is great, it means we have a lot of things about ourselves that we are thankful for!

So that concludes our day– how was yours?


All the beautiful unicorns in Petals Class.



Ohana International School