Fun With Playdough!

November 13

What does our mommies do?

Hello everybody! Hope you all had a lovely day as we had a great day at Ohana! Our free play times are always very exciting and we can’t wait to do the activities our teachers have prepared for us! Once we arrived in class we started by looking around the classroom and seeing what was available to us. Thinking about what we could play with first, we quickly took care of our morning jobs. We’re so used the morning routine our teachers don’t need to help us, and some of our younger friends that need some help, our older friends will help them out. Anyhow, now we have our morning jobs taken care of it’s time to have fun!

On our activity table was the newly made playdough, but be-cause it was very sticky, our teachers were kneading it with flour to make it playable. After a few minutes the table was full of our friends waiting for the playdough to be available. Our teachers decided to have buds children help with the kneading. They sprinkled a little flour on the playdough and handed it to us to knead. After the flour was completely blended it the texture of the playdough was just right and we dived right into play.

Our art activity was a lot of fun! Our teachers called us one by one and sat us down next to them at the art table. The teacher would then get our lifebooks that our parents worked so hard to prepare for us, and laid it out in front of us. We spent a couple of minutes with our teacher looking at some of the photos and talking about it. After a quick look through our lifebooks we were handed a piece of paper and markers, our teachers asked us to draw a picture of our families. We got very creative and expressive of our art and our teachers were all for it. As we drew our family portrait our teachers would ask us where our mommies and daddies were in the picture. We would describe the picture to our teachers as we continued expanding our art.

Time flies when your having fun. We’re starting to get what our teachers mean when they say this because our hour of free-play time ends too soon and we never can get enough. Although we are a little reluctant to clean up because we want to keep playing, we use our listening ears and work together to pack away the toys. Once our toys are packed away we get into a circle and practice our motor skills by moving our body in various ways. It looks like we’re just goofing around, but this is one serious work out for us!

A couple of songs follow after we sit down and Nimo take the lead for our Tuesday Circle time. We started our circle time to-day by reviewing what we did last week with Nimo, we remem-bered that we talked about what our daddies did. Today, Nimo wanted to talk about what our mommies did. Nimo prepared dolls of different jobs in front of us. He explained to us what the jobs were and what they did. We knew a lot of them like, police officer, fire fighter, and chef. We also learned about some new jobs too. Nimo called us one by one and asked us what we thought our mommies did. Here’s what our friends said…

R said his mom is a Police officer!

C said her mom is a Business Woman!

C, L, H, A, T, and M all said their mommy is a Stay-home mommy!

O told us that her mom is a Teacher!

A and U said their moms are Mail Women.

According to A and M, their mommies are Firefighters!

R and S told the class their moms are Doctors.

R said her mom was a Chef!

It was amazing to hear that all of mommies do different things!

After our circle time, we noticed the weird growling sound coming from our tummies. We lined up nicely and washed our hands then ate our snacks. We quickly got ready for the park and headed to the green area where we played tag with our friends and teachers. And that’s our day, it went by so fast by when we stop to look back we did a lot! Tomorrow is our last day of school for the week because our parents and teachers will be busy chatting about our develop-ment. Last day of the week or not, were excited for what is to come! Oh, and one more thing! Our petals and flowers friends had Shichi-Go-San (Japanese for 7 5 3) which is a special day for 7, 5, and 3 year olds. Today is the day that they wear kimonos and hakamas and have their picture taken. L’s mom stopped by after T’s Shichi-Go-San and gave us some Chitose Ame (Thousand Year Candy), which is the traditional candy that the kids get today! The long candy symbolizes good heath and longevity!

Hope you all have a lovely evening and we will see you all tomorrow!


The Little Angels of Buds 2018

Ohana International School