Rain + Water = Happiness

November 9th, 2018

Rain, rain we love rain! Today in circle time most of us were happy , tired and excited but Kai said he was sad because it’s raining and we can’t go outside. Not all of us are sad some of us like the rain. Kai asked us “What/ who is happy when it rains?” and that lead to a whole unplanned conversation about rain and water. Hmm… What/ Who is happy when it rains we wonder…

Te: Grass!

Ta: Fish

Em: Flowers

Hisami: Frogs

Gr: Animals likes rain.

Et: The bridge, it’s gonna be wet.

Ta: Elephants because they drink water. Elephants live in the country and they like water.


Et: And they get wet.

Te: Sharks are happy because they swim in the water.

Sa: Ducks because it’s in the water.

Kai: How do we get water? How do we get our tap water? (He shows us the book about water. There is a mountain with snow on top of it.)

Grace: If the snow comes down we can ski.

(We then looked at the water cycle)

Kai: Do you have a river in Ohana? How do we get our water?

Ta: From the rain.

Wi: Daddy have a swimming pool. Then I go inside the swimming pool.

Kai: Where does the water come from?

Wi: It comes… from… I don’t know.

Gr: From the tap.

Kai: That’s right!

(Then he turned the page to show us how people got water from wells, water pumps and faucet.) There is also a page of the plumbing of the house that shows water coming in and going out.

Kai When we have no rain and we use lots of water. What happens? Do we have more or less water?

Ta: Less

Kai: That’s right. Why do we have the red dot one the tap?

Em: To not waste the water.

That’s right! We are surrounded by water but only about 1 percent is accessible and drinkable. If we continue to not put a higher value on the water, we could possibly not have enough in the future.

Today was also amazing because we had the chance to choose what we wanted to do with our foot prints all over the room. Te suggested that we have rainbow feet. He wanted to trace the feet and then color them. Lisa wanted cars on the floor, Ta wanted airplanes and Mo wanted cars so we just thought we could have a transportation theme. Em suggested to have a house theme and Gr wanted princesses. The only way to decide is to have a popular vote. The verdict came out to be: House—2, Rainbow feet– 8, Cars– 5 and Princess-2. The Rainbow feet wins! Our activities for today are to make our Rainbow feet, finish the ShichiGoSan candy bag, work on the almost finished 500 piece puzzle and play with blocks on the floor. While Hisami was preparing the Rainbow feet activity, we had a quick freeze dance game on the carpet. Then off we go with the activities.

After snack we had a serious exercise time with Hisami. We played the Baby shark song and we did various ab workouts. Try it at home if you dare.  After the workout we still had lots of energy and wanted to play freeze dance again.


Right before lunch we sat on the carpet and the teachers said that someone special is going to come in today. So we closed our eyes, went to sleep and counted to 20. When we opened our eyes Gaelle (An's Mom) was sitting in the chair! She saw Kai reading a book to us yesterday and wanted to read for us too. It was our lucky day because she brought two books with her. The first book is Conker and Nudge. Conker and Nudge are anteaters and brothers. Nudge was the little brother and adored his big brother Conker. Sometimes Conker gets annoyed at Nudge for wanting to do everything Conker does. But one day Conker yelled at Nudge to stop copying him, luckily Nudge loved his brother so much he kept copying him.  Our second book is Have you seen Elvis? Elvis is a cat  and Buddy is a dog. They are always constantly fighting but one day Elvis had enough and left the house. Everyone in the house tried looking for him, even Buddy. Buddy missed Elvis so much he goes out looking for Elvis. The stories both seem to have a great theme to them. Both teaches us that no matter how annoying our friends/ family might be we need them and will miss them when they’re gone. We are always here to help each other. That’s how we should behave in the classroom as well. Thank you Gaelle for reading the lovely stories for us! You’re welcome back anytime! If any other mom’s or dad would like to come we would love to see you as well!

It was a busy and fun day inside the Flowers Class. We learnt that we don’t need to be sad when it rains because some people, animal, plants are happy and we need it to survive. Always love your family and friends no matter how obnoxious they might be and be kind to each other. Hope you have the most amazing weekend!

Peace and Love,

Flowers Class Children. 





Ohana International School