Happy Halloween


31st October 2018

“Knock knock trick or treat, who are you

I’m a bat, I’m a bat……………….” 

We didn’t have any Flowers Class children at school today. Instead we had many different animals and people who came to our class for the first time. We had Spiderman x three, we had cats, a bear, mermaids x two, princesses x three, a scary screaming ghost, a minion, Mario, Peter Pan, a rainbow, a Fire Fighter, a wizard, and a teacher pirate, a teacher Elvis, a picture frame teacher, and a teacher with black fluffy hair and a shiny bowtie. These were not all the crazy creatures that were in our classroom. When we celebrated Halloween and had a party, we welcomed a few witches, another minion, another Mario, Wonder Woman, Darth Vader, Wally, a leopard, a parrot, Little Red Riding Hood, a haunted house person, a pumpkin and so much more.

It was a full day with so many games, activities, people and so much to eat. Our teachers think that either we will be wired from all the sugar, when we get home, or we’ll collapse from exhaustion. We think that we will continue with our high level of energy and go trick or treating this evening. We are going to try to get lots of treats to fill up our trick or treat buckets/bags.

Our teachers decided that it would be a good idea for us to play in the park before our party so we went off in our fabulous dress ups to the park. We had so much fun there as the weather was still sunny with a few clouds and there were no other children playing there. We took some fun pictures of us in our Halloween costumes.

When we came back to school we listened to two Halloween stories. One was about a Haunted House, which Shelley said she is scared to go into. When she showed us the book, we were not scared. We did see some weird pictures that moved e. g. a person in a picture frame whose eyes moved from side to side; and a large bat, flying out of a wall. When we celebrate Halloween, we mostly know only about candy and dressing up. Since we are still young, our teachers believe that this is absolutely perfect.

We played “Peek a bowl” with pins made from toilet rolls with Halloween characters on them. We placed them in the shape of a triangle and rolled a ball to knock as many as possible over. The second game was throwing the darts into a hole on a large piece of cardboard that we used when it was Mares’ birthday party at school. We decorated the back of it with Halloween characters and colours. The third game was matching spiders onto cards with numbered pumpkins. The fourth game was playing with the Halloween things in our water trough and measuring the skeleton to see if it had grown.

Skeleton is now 47cm long. In fact, this morning we measured him and he was 46cm and after about two hours, we measured him again and he had grown another centimeter!

The fifth game was going under a table that was covered with a black cloth and looking at a glow in the dark puzzle. The sixth game was pin the nose on the Jack-o-lantern and the final game was making ghosts out of bananas and Jack-o-lanterns out of mikan and cucumbers. You can see that it was a full morning……….and it didn’t end there.

We all stood on a card that had a picture of a Halloween character and when the music played we moved around the room. As soon as the music stopped, we looked for a card and stood on it. Luckily there were more than enough cards for us. It was so much fun and some of us were happy to stand on different characters while others liked to stand on the same one each time. And the final game was “Pass the parcel”. We each received a gift when we unwrapped the parcel and straight after that we had lunch and snack for dessert.

Shelley had to go upstairs for a meeting and she couldn't believe it! When she returned from the meeting nearly an hour and a half later, some of us were still eating. We want to thank our mums, dads and helpers for making such special trick or treat bags; and we would like to also thank our teachers for arranging so many fun things for us to do, as we celebrated Halloween today.

XOXOXOXOX The scary Flowers Class children………………….


Ohana International School