Happy Halloween!


Today, when we entered Buds classroom, we felt something different...Hmmmm… Oh! Our classroom is empty. Chairs, kitchen toys and shelf were at the balcony! Also, all the friends and even the teachers wore special costume….Hmmmm, WHY????? Because today is HALLOWEEN.

After we finished our morning job and played with animal toys and cars, we gathered at the carpet. While we were singing songs, the moms and the dads came to the classroom and sat next to us. John said that today is Halloween and the Buds class is going to have the Halloween party with everyone. We started our Halloween party with a “Good morning” song. We sang it differently because instead of saying our actually name, we said what costume we wore today such as, Peter Pan, Cat girl, Bumble bee, Spiderman and Skeleton. We really enjoyed checking our friends’ costume and we felt today is our special day! We also sang, “Go away, Big Green Monster” and “ What can we see on Halloween?” which we had been practicing in the past few weeks.

After that, the teachers set up games and art activities that we could play and spent precious moments with our parents.

While we were playing with those, John asked us to gather one area and guess what happened??? We did a Trick or Treating because we cannot finish our party without some treats ;)

Thank you for coming to our Halloween party today. Our Halloween party was full of laughter and love that we cannot create such a special atmosphere without your support.

Have a wonderful Halloween!

Lots of love,

All the Buds children

Ohana International School