The day after Halloween.......

1st November 2018


Halloween is over now but it was lots of fun we had a party with our costumes on at school, and some of us went “trick or treat” last night and got some more treats. Our tummy might be full of treats last night and our mind was still in Halloween mood today in Flowers.

One of our morning activities was Halloween collage. We recycled the table cloth from the party because it was nice orange color for some art activities. We drew our favorite part of the Halloween party with black marker at the beginning and we pasted some materials with white glue such as buttons, feathers, tissue paper, construction paper, sticks, pipe cleaners, fabric and more. All materials were only black and orange for the Halloween. Some friends picked the favorite games to draw, other friends picked their own costume to draw. We enjoyed chatting about our party memories.

Other activity was yummy yummy one! When we curved the pumpkin to make a Jack-O-Lantern, we saved the seeds. We washed and dried and …we baked and ate today. We put some oil on the tray and mixed them. Then we baked them in the oven about 45 minutes. A good smell was coming out from the oven in the morning and it made us hungry. We couldn’t wait to taste them, but we were patient to wait until our picnic snack time at the park.

The sun was shining and the sky was so blue, so we decided to go out for a picnic snack. We had fun snacking on our delicious pumpkin seeds under the sun. We loved the seeds very much and we asked for more and more. We hoped that we could have some seeds at home, too. It was very easy to make and it was very healthy food for our body. Thank you, our Jack-O-Lantern to share your yummy seeds!

After the snack, we had circle time at the park. We read a Halloween book called “ Halloween is...“. It told us about the history of Halloween. People many years ago, celebrated this event in the different ways from these days. After the story, we played two games. One game was “Guess who it is”. There were some Halloween cards on the grounds and each of them had their scary music theme which Hisami played on the piano. We listened to the music at the beginning, and we guessed who was hiding. Spider song was easy to guess, skeleton song was also familiar to us, the witch song was little bit difficult, but we had good ears to tell who was hiding.  The second game was “Eyeball spoon game”. We had to hold an eyeball in the spoon and quickly go across the green area. It was very tricky because if we went fast, the ball fell down from the spoon. We tried to keep our balance and run as fast as we could. Most of us walked slowly and carefully to keep the ball steady. The last race was a teachers race. We all watched and cheered them on. It was funny to see our teachers running just like us.

After the park time, we had cool down time on the carpet. Normally, we switched off the light and lied down on the carpet for a while. Today, we had a special show on the ceiling. It was like a movie theater. We had a special torch with Halloween character on it. Blue cat, purple spider, yellow pumpkin, green bat, and red ghost were on our show. Also, Kai showed us some more characters on the ceiling. He used his hands and fingers and made a interesting shadows on the ceiling such as a dog, a bird and a spider. He also put the flash light up to his face to be a ghost. We had fun to watch the shadows on our personal screen.

It was another lovely and peaceful day just after a big day. The November sky was gentle and warm for us today. Thank you, to our earth for the beautiful day.



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