Tossing and Turning While the Typhoon's A- Blowing


Dear Mom and Dad,


           Hello October! Oh, and on that note– goodbye, typhoon!

           When we got to school, most of us talked about how we couldn't sleep well last night– what with all the racket that was going on. We could hear the strong wind blowing, and the trees were shaking. It looked like a scene from a scary movie! That’s why we’re so happy that today, the blue skies appeared and Mr. Sun said hello again. Oh, and it felt like summer again, hey?

During free play time, X requested, “Can we play with trains, please?” So we helped the teachers take out our big train box, and we connected the tracks all over the carpet.

Some of our friends took out our doctor set. Y pretended to have an ouchie, so Dr. Z came to treat her. She had her syringe ready to give her a shot.

After eating our snacks early, we were happy that Miyashita sensei was back. We did our warm– ups with him which was composed of stretching, hopping, jumping, and balancing. Then we practiced our forward roll, where we need to do a bunny jump around a chair. Then we all played the usual ghost game, then the crow game, and then the sumo game. We sure did miss Miyashita sensei a lot, so we gave him a big hug before he left.

We at down with our teachers, then we talked about the weather. Eddie, one of our weather watcher, reported that today is sunny. W, the other weather watcher, said that it was hot today.

“But how about last night?” Pauline said. “How was the weather?” she asked.

“Typhoon,” ZZ answered.

“Do you know what a typhoon?” Pauline asked.

“Rain” XY said.

“Wind!” WX replied. They were both right. During a typhoon, there is lots of rain, and a very strong wind. Pauline then showed us a video of a typhoon in the Philippines; it looked scary, and the wind was VEEEERRYYY strong! The trees looked like they were going to be uprooted!

“It will blow us away,” Y commented.

“So.. What do you think we need to do when there’s a typhoon?” Pauline asked. “Can we go outside and say, ‘Yay! Typhoon! Let’s go play!’?” We answered no.

“It’s dangerous,” XY said. She’s right.

“Where do we need to stay?” our teachers asked.

“Inside!” We all answered.

“When there’s a typhoon, sometimes the power will be out,” Pauline said. “So even if you try to switch on the lights, it won’t turn on, because there’s no power. So we need to prepare a flashlight,” she said, and showed us a picture of it.

“Kaijudento!” Some of our friends translated.

“And if you don’t have a flashlight, then you can prepare a—” then Pauline showed a picture of a candle.

“It’s like a happy birthday candle!” W said. She was right. But Pauline said only grown– ups can light the candle, as it is dangerous and might cause a fire.

“It’s very hot!” ZZ said in agreement.

We also talked about how we also need to prepare food and water if we know that a typhoon is coming– it’s difficult to go to a kombini or supermarket during a typhoon.

We went outside for a walk, as we wanted to observe if we can notice some things that was destroyed last night. Most of them were cleaned up, but there were still lots of leaves lying around, and some branches that got broken off from a tree.

So that sums up our Monday. How was your day?



 All the typhoon– ready children in Petals Class.